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Thursday, 22 August 2013

REVIEW: Nerf Elite Rapidstrike CS-18

It's the blaster we've all been waiting for, the Rapidstrike CS-18.

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Out of the box this is one of the most comfortable blasters I've held. The distance between the rear and fore grips is spot on (for me anyway) and when the shoulder stock is extended it's ergonomic heaven.

The plastic is nice and firm (as the norm with Nerf blasters) and doesn't feel cheap. The blaster is what I would call adult sized and as a result is very comfortable to hold in position, ready to fire.

There are 3 strap attachment points, under the rear grip, behind the top tac rail and at the front behind the iron sight. The stock has two adjustment settings, open and closed. The shoulder stock is comfy as is the fore grip, which incidentally houses the battery tray. The Stampede used six D sized batteries and as a result was very heavy and because the batteries were stored behind the rear grip your trigger hand had a lot to hold up. But with the Rapidstrike, it takes four C sized batteries and the tray being in the fore grip, means your supporting hand is holding up the weight of the batteries, this is good :)

The Rapidstrike handles burst fire ok but comes into it's element when you hold down the trigger and engage full auto! Man, this thing just eats darts, it was made for spamming foam on the battlefield. Saying that, the Stampede came with three eighteen dart clips while the Rapidstrike comes with only comes with one. The trigger squeeze is nice and smooth and the rev-up trigger has a direct feel to it. Interesting to note, for single fire, the dart will fire once he trigger is released. The dart pushing mechanism is smooth because it is a piston mounted on a flywheel as opposed to a solenoid or linear actuator. The blaster is light for it's size, but heavy enough so that it doesn't feel cheap.

I'm interested in knowing what Hasbro did to make the Rapidstrike conform to the Aussie toy safety laws, new motors or did they install some extra resistors?

There is a tactical rail on the left and right sides of the blaster, on the carry handle, on top of the front of the blaster and under neath the front of the blaster. Because you're going to be covering the underside tac rail with your supporting hand, I don't think it's needed. I did attach the Retaliator's fore grip and it didn't feel right. I couldn't put my finger on it but it just didn't. My hand in a horizontal position felt more natural to me. You can also attach a barrel extension if you want.

Another thing that fascinates me is Hasbro's decision to apply an orange stripe instead of a white one... hmmm.

Concluding, the Rapidstrike CS-18 is an AMAZING BLASTER! It's as close to a perfect stock blaster as you can get.

1. comfy
2. high rate of fire (ROF)
3. full auto
4. burst fires well too
5. adjustable shoulder stock
6. light for it's size
7. doesn't use D size batteries
8. can attache barrel extension
9. lots of tac rails
10. nice iron sight

1. shoulder stock should have a middle setting
2. should have a white stripe instead of an orange one

1. clear clip


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