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Friday, 16 August 2013

What happened to Zombiestrike?

Something has been on my mind bout Zombiestrike lately and I haven't been quite able to put my finger on it but I think I've figured it out. What happened to Zombiestrike? At what point did they stop designing blasters specifically for the line and start using second-hand designs?

Before you read any further I want it known that all of this speculation and theory only. None of it has been confirmed by any source.

What happened to Zombistrike? It started so well with the Hammershot and Sledgefire, new designs with a post zombie-apoc theme and everybody was like...

Then came the 2014 season release of the Zombistrike line...

That are clearly designed for other lines (Elite and Vortex)...

So what happened? At what point did everything change from a cool "junkyard-punk" look to... normal? I have a few theories I'd like to share with you, but first I'd like you to know this. It takes three years on average to develop a new line of products (for any company) and have them on store shelves. It's more difficult than "Hey guys, lets make girly blasters and paint them pink", there is market research, manufacturer sourcing, technical design concepts, aesthetic design concepts, graphic design concepts, etc, etc.

So my theories:


Look at the Sweet Revenge blaster and the Hammershot...

They're effectively the same blaster. Reshaped slightly, but the internals and the general design are the same. Now, Rebelle was officially announced first, but, it is still likely that the Sweet Revenge is a copy of the Hammershot and not the other way around. It is also likely that the other Rebelle blasters are reshells of blasters that were originally intended for Zombistrike. But, Hasbro knew that having two lines that were obvious copies of each other wouldn't be received well so they cancelled the Zombiestrike versions and recycled designs that were previously rejected, to fill the gap. And Sledgefire, well, it would be hard to make that look girly wouldn't it?


It is also entirely likely that Zombistrike was intended to be the outlet for recycled designs from the beginning but they threw in the Hammershot and Sledgefire to create interest. Designing blasters costs money and if the designs are rejected in the last phase of RnD then they would cost a fair amount. Reusing these designs would make some money on something that has only cost money so far, this makes good business sense if you ask me, however, if this is the case then why not redesign the shell? Well, if the molds are already made, it would only cost more to resculpt them.


So, what if Rebelle did come first, and it's actually Zmobistrike that took the Sweet Revenge from Rebelle and made it the Hammershot? Then where did the Sledgefire come from? Well it too might've been intended for Rebelle originally and then zombifide because it looked too boyish. As it is a barrel break loading blaster, this is likely because loading shells into a shotgun isn't exactly feminine. About the Sledgefire too, it's the only blaster Zombiestrike can really call it's own... until we see the Zombiestrike Winchester :)


Aliens did it.


Ok, lets be honest. The guys at Nerf have been very busy lately... VERY. Rapidstrike, Centurion, Revonix, Zombiestrike, Rebelle. It is possible that Hasbro had deadlines for getting products on shelves. Many manufacturers actually pay retailers for the best or most shelf space (whether Hasbro does this or not is unknown). The Target in Springwood, QLD (Australia) has an entire wall dedicated to Nerf, it's almost like a shrine. So in order to meet deadlines (if any) with retailers, they used older designs to save a heap of time. Leaving the proper Zombiestrike stuff (where's that Winchester?) for later.


*insert random paranoid Government conspiracy here*


The manufacturer for the rest of the Zombiestrike line went belly up and these blasters were intended for their original lines, but, were taken to fill the gap as a panic manoeuvre.

Now, out of all of these hypothesise, it is highly likely that none are correct. It just strikes me as odd that Hasbro would take Zombiestrike in the direction they have, they must've known that Nerfers wouldn't be too pleased with the repaints stamped with the "Z" logo. There is likely a good reason why Hasbro changed the design of the blasters so drastically. I hope these repaints don't ruin the public's opinion on Zombistrike too much and Zombiestrike lasts until late 2014/early 2015, we should start seeing some good ole junkyard-punk blasters again... I hope.

~ Rob


  1. Option 4. No question about it.

  2. I have both Hammershot and the Sledgefire and they are both amazing guns, and I do hope they make a refill kit for the Sledgefire so I can get more then just the three cartridges that come with it because I am turning it and the Hammershot into my steampunk guns... There are only three of other blasters from the Zombiestrike line that I want to get which are the Crossbolt, the Sidestrike and the bigger of the 3 Zombiestrike Vortex Blasters... they do look amazing even if they were meant for another line... But I probably won't pick up the rest because they do seem a little rushed and not worth it unless you are picking them up for a little kid...

  3. I agree Option 4 added with Option 6.

  4. Hey, just to let you know the elite looking ones are actually just photoshopped pictures some guy did on facebook. They are not real blasters. Luckily to this point ( in exception to the hammershot) Zombie Strike is a field of it's own.

  5. I've been thinking, possibly Rebelle came first, specifically the Sweet Revenge blaster, I say this only because it seems a bit more thought went into the design, what with it having the holster, and with the re-sculpted Hammershot shell, they would have to put more money into a holster for that, but if it came first it would make sense (to me anyway) that it would of had the holster already (which would be awesome if it had one). The Sledgefire, I believe would of made a good standard N-Strike blaster, a upgraded Barrel Break. In saying all this. Speaking of which, the N-Strike series is pretty well dead.....then they bring out the Blazin' Bow, which in my opinion, they should have made that a Zombie Strike blaster as well. Alas we have what we have and we should at least be happy they are still releasing blasters at all. Sorry for the long post :/

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