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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What Women Think About Rebelle

I was wondering, what do females really think of Rebelle. Male Nerfers are divided on it, many (including myself) like the idea of trying to attract women and girls to Nerf. More Nerfers and Nerfettes is a good thing right? Well, I decided to ask a few of my female co-workers, what they though of the Rebelle line. And for an unbiased answer, I asked non-Nerfers only and got mixed responses.

Answers after jump.

Firstly, you need to understand that my line of work requires intelligent, educated and very tolerant/patient people. And I selected women that would provide me with a variety of answers but their names have been withheld.

I showed them these images...

The Woman Artist.

The Woman Artist: I really enjoy all of that,and the bullets are fantastic. Did you come up with that!?

Me: No. New Nerf line targeted at girls

The Woman Artist: I like it... but mainly cause I like bold colours. Although I would be just as happy with a black one

Me: So, you like the shape, just not the girly graphics on them

The Woman Artist: Yes... although I really like the bullets. Are the designs new. Or is it just the same as the male stuff but girly colours?

Me: No, it's a whole new line of girly blasters targeted specifically at the 10 to 14 year age range

The Woman Artist: hmmm fair enough, It makes sense from a marketing perspective

Me: How do you feel about it personally?

The Woman Artist: Ummm its pink, I enjoy pink, that is what I thought when I opened the pictures.

The Well Read Woman.

Me: As a female, what are your thoughts on this?
*shows her Rebelle pics*
It's a new toy line targeted at girls. Normaly the company makes boy toy guns, but, they think there is money to be made in girl toy guns

Well Read Female: I like the boyish stuff for what it is, but aren't toy guns meant to be manly? But yeah I would not like something like this.. however I am pretty sure that there are many girls who would like that

The Party Girl.

The bullets are cool, but the gun is ugly

Me: Which one?

The Party Girl: All of them. The bow looks good, but the graphic on them is awful. They should've stuck with block colours and put glitter on it or something

The Mature Minded Female.

ummmm, they are nice

Me: but...

The Mature Minded Female: I don't really have an opinion, I like the normal Nerf guns

Me: But these are too girly for you?

The Mature Minded Female: Yeah

Me: Ok, what about the thought that the girls are getting their own line separate to the boys?

The Mature Minded Female: meh

Me: So your indifferent to the idea

The Mature Minded Female: yup

The Rock Chick.

Goes off an a tangent about how girls are being isolated from the boys and how the regular blasters should come in more colours and should be marketed to both genders. So I'm guessing she doesn't like Rebelle.

The Girl Gamer.

I think i'd like them more if i was 13, but they're kinda cool, that crossbow is intriguing. But I'm not a big fan of girls being separated from the boys, it teaches that boys have to have cammo print and girls have to have pink. Boys can like pink and girls can like cammo too. I don't think these are necessary because the Nerf guns now aren't all that masculine really. Whats the consensus?

Me: Girls are either meh about it or don't like it. They don't hate it, just don't like it.

The Girl Gamer: So they're pointless, but cute-ish

So as you can see, I got a variety of responses from various types of girls. Mostly they are indifferent to Rebelle or don't like it. Granted the Rebelle line is targeted at the 6-13 year age bracket (maybe 15 years too), but this is the first time Hasbro have released a girl's line of Nerf blasters and I wanted a grown up opinion on them. If I asked my daughter (3 at the time of me writing this), the only answer I'd get would be "PINK! I like pink, I want this one and this one and this one and this one." And while I do love my daughter, that's not the answer I'm after.

~ Rob


  1. Very interesting opinions here. I wonder what they would think to the Rebelle promo video. A bunch of female friends I showed it to thought it was a Cancer Awareness advert.

  2. I have to say, this was definitely an interesting article, and it also made me laugh a bit when I read the interview with the rock chick. but as far as I can see, one of the generally shared views is that girls and boys shouldn't be separated. So I guess it was a lucky draw when I chose purple on black with gold trim as the color scheme for my blasters, since that would appeal to girls as well as boys.

  3. Love this write up! I also asked some of the girls in our crew. Consensus was half and half. Main reasons were "they look like they're for younger kids" and "it's pink! I love pink!" I like em, most of the boyz don't but I do agree with making blasters cater to both genders as the NC girls love camo! :-D

  4. Ill be picking up a sweet revenge myself, because I prefer it's shell design to the hammershot. And pink = extra humiliation points when I take out people.
    I have opinions for both sides - yes it's good that nerf are trying to get more girls into nerfing, but segregating boy and girl blasters isn't going to totally fix the problem.
    I reckon if they start using some female models for the other lines like elite an vortex, they'll get more girls in as well as avoid gender segregation.
    But hey, I'm just a kid so what do I know about marketing.


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