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Friday, 2 August 2013

Zombiestrike Machete a lucky owner and DPCI

Reddit user ThatNerfGuy has picked up the lazily named Zombiestrike Machete at Target (maybe, not sure) in Bend, OR.
Pics after jump.

ThatNerfGuy was also kind enough to give us the DPCI as well.

The Machete doesn't look as large as it did in the pics from San Diego Comic-Con when someone is holding it. The Blade looks a little battle worn and there is a Sledgefire on the packaging. The handle looks a little on the bulky side too and features and wrapped effect just like the Hammershot. I still say (colour aside) it looks very similar to my design concept from "Zombiestrike Blade as it should've been".

Target USA price for one of these bad boys is as close to USD15 as to not make any difference. No word on the as equally lazily named Zombiestrike Blade yet but I'm expecting it to be in the USD15 to USD20 range.

~ Rob

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