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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Zombiestrike melee weapons, will we get them south of the Equator?

We don't see too much N-Force in Australia, but will that change with the Zombiestrike melee weapons Nerf are now offering?

There has been a bit of hype bout Zombiestrike line recently from the Hammershot and Sledgefire reveals, to the reveals of the 2014 line-up (sigh). There has also been the Zombiestrike "Blade"...

and the Zombiestrike "Machete"...

Now, Nerf melee weapons don't get a lot of publicity down here, actually they get no publicity down here. I don't ever remember seeing any N-force item on any store shelf ever. I might be wrong in saying this, but I don't think N-Force has ever gone on sale in the Big Brown Country :(

Granted there is less of a want here for the N-Force line than there is for the N-Strike and N-Strike Elite lines, but there is still want. I would love to get the Vendetta swords...

and a Klaw Hatchet...

but, despite my online adventures, there are none to be found here in Australia. Toys R Us in the USA has just about the entire line available, but, Toys R Us in Australia has none. It's not like selling toy swords, axes and maces are banned. There are many toy swords for sale here in Australia if you know where to look. Usually in the discount stores made of cheap foam reinforced with a plastic tube (K-Mart in Australia has those). Or made out of incredibly cheap plastic and sold as part of a costume. There is a toy store near me that sells LARP weapons, very very good quality. But the one I want (Spartan) is AUD100!!!

The store also sells maces, war hammers, and the occasional battle axe. but the average price is AUD100. Really? They expect me to pay AUD100 for some reinforced foam? I don't want it that badly. But, the fact that the toy store sells them at all tells me that they're not banned in Australia. We did get N-Force once, Thor's Mjölnir from the Thor and Avengers movies... but that was it. And it wasn't really N-Force was it?

But now we have two "new" N-Force items to be excited about. But now the question is... will we here in ANZ (Australia, New Zealand) get them. I think I speak for a lot of Nerfers in ANZ when I say, we want them, particularly the Zombiestrike Machete. One mod that I'd love to do with it, bayonet :)

Just as there are Nerfers who like blasters but not melees (at least not as much as blasters), there would also be (I assume) Nerfers who like melees but not blasters, or at lease like them less. Granted they would likely be a minority amongst Nerfers, but why should their wants go unfulfilled? I'm not asking Hasbro to flood the shelves with foam blades, but three to five units of the four highest selling N-Force items in the big retailers, just to test the waters, would be nice. Then, if it sells well, maybe we'll see more N-Force here. If it doesn't sell well, then we'll probably not see it again, but, if it doesn't sell well, it'll be for one of two reasons:
1. the price point was too high
2. turns out I was wrong and Aussie Nerfers don't want N-Force at all

Id say both reasons have 50% chance of being the reason if N-Force doesn't sell well. But then there is the Cosplayers. They might not be interested in Nerf, but, want a Nerf melee because their character has a weapon similar to what N-Force offers.

There is also the possibility that Zombiestrike melees won't be considered part of the N-Force line (because they're not technically). And we might see the whole Zombiestrike line on store shelves here in Australia. There are the collectors that will want all of them for the sake of having all of them. But I'm not a completionist. The only items from the Zombistrike line I want are the Hammershot, Sledgefire and the Machete, and I get a similar feeling from other Nerfficionados as well. The other Zombiestrike blasters just don't look the part and look more at home in the livery of their parent lines:

But even if Hasbro don't bring in N-Force, please, PLEASE, give us the Machete. A lot of Aussie Nerfers would agree with me when I say, "You bloody well better!"

~ Rob

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