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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Zombiestrike Roughcut 2X4 design concept

My Last Dart recently sent me an invitation in his post titled "Rumour: New Zombie Strike Rough Cut to hit Target shelves?", in that post he sent an invitation to Tactical Tag and myself to create a design concept of what it might look like... so I did :)

Pic after jump...

Random Shaddow 09 was playing around with DPCI codes at his local Target and stumbled upon this...

Then My Last Dart sent an invite to myself and Tactical Tag to design it...

I must say though. Designing this wasn't easy. I had to think, shot could I make the Roughcut look more hardcore? as far as Nerf blasters go it's already pretty bad-arse (or bad-ass in USA). What I needed was something more... deadly... to zombies.

Of course I started with the Roughcut as a base, and then I used the Zombiestrike Machete's handle and sculpted it to the right shape. Then, I needed it to look more apoc. So... why not an axe? Or a battle-axe even. There is a ridge between the two columns of darts that could be extended forward into the shape of an axe blade. The hardest part was recolouring the thing. For the blade to work the barrels had to be grey, but, we don't want people thinking that it's a real weapon. The colour of choice for toy guns is usually orange or red, I wasn't going to make it red. Orange it was. I didn't want too much orange though. So I broke it up a bit with some metallic silver near the handle.

Getting rid of the white stripe was very very tricky. But I think it came out alright.

Took some time to do. Hope you like it, feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.

~ Rob

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