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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Get Well Soon MLD

When I first started blogging a few months ago, my biggest fear was that the established blogs would think I was trying to steal their thunder. I was wrong.

I found the NIC to be very welcoming and supportive. I was very surprised to discover that Bay Area Nerf, Tactical Tag and My Last Dart had become some of my first followers. Then when I created my Facebook page, Awesome Nerfer 1999, Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag and many others started following this pokey little blog of mine. I soon discovered that everyone in the NIC had a respect for one another.

As an NIC n00b, and still finding my legs (at the time) two months ago. It was Ash from My Last Dart, who became my earliest supporter. He'd give me advice on on how best to start my blog, what to write about, how to builds an audience etc etc. After Hasbro Australia recognised me, he became my proof reader for a few posts with some opinions I wanted to voice but at the same time, not want to make Hasbro Australia annoyed with.

Then he became my friend. I'd probably say, my closest friend in the NIC. We have our Skype chats almost daily and he's always happy to answer any questions I have. We love talking about stuff in general, but the conversation usually gets onto blasters eventually no matter how unrelated to blasters the opening topic might be.

In one of our conversations, he mentioned he has a bad back (a TV is to blame) and hasn't had a proper nights sleep in many months due to the pain. He accredits blogging to what has kept him sane but, his back is beyond a visit to a chiropractor now and will require surgery. He goes in for the operation on the 11th of September (not the best of dates of you believe in omens) and will be out of commission for about six weeks. Unfortunately, this means he'll miss the UK launch of the Centurion.

Hopefully, this operation will get Ash back to his old self and he'll be up and blogging again in no time. Please leave your well wishes in the comments below.

Get well soon mate.

~ Rob

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