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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nerf Or Somethin' (Else) : X-Shot

When the market is dominated by one brand, What can you do to get your new brand noticed? Well, For X-Shot, the answer is incorporating disc launchers and water guns into their blasters. And of their arsenal, these are the blasters I'm most interested in.

X-Shot have 10 blasters in their arsenal and they vary from a water gun/foam rocket launcher/water balloon filler (yes, that's one blaster) to a 6 shooter revolver with 2 cylinders that can be swapped out by rotating them (not the best description but you'll see what I mean later on). Of their ten blasters, here are the ones I'm most interested in and why in random order.

The Stalker Bow.

I'm not usually a fan of bow type blasters but this one (and another from another brand) has my attention and I can't explain why. The Description goes:
Take down your opponents from far afield with precision skill using the X-Shot STALKER! The X-Shot STALKER features an ultra, aerodynamic shape but it packs power with the foam missile that blasts from the awesome, air-cannon style barrel!

X-Shot STALKER pack includes:
- X-Shot STALKER Blaster
- X2 Foam Missiles

Why I want it:

I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Thundershot.

This a combined dart blaster and water gun. The dart blaster is clip-fed (also has shells but, meh) and the tank for the water gun part is the shoulder stock. The trigger will fire both blasters at the same time. The fore-grip is for pumping air into the water tank. On the top there is a primer for the dart blaster.

Get ready for double the action! X-Shot THUNDERSHOT provides you with two awesome abilities - launching water and darts - in one blaster. Load the shoulder stock water magazine, pump, and release a powerful blast of water to drench your opponents! Then when the pressure's on, lock and load the darts into the banana clip and use the pump-action mechanism to launch darts. Watch the shells eject after each shot, on your way to victory!

Why I want it:

This would look good with a paint job. And, it has an inbuilt air pump and tank that could be used to fire the darts instead of the plunger.

The Vigilante.

Who doesn't enjoy the badassery that a shotgun provides? The Nerf Barrel Break and Roughcut are two of my favorite blasters because they just feel so manly. Whether the Vigilante is meant to be a rifle for shotgun is open to debate, but, you can't deny, it looks good and reviews say it has performance to back the looks up.

Take a walk on the wild side with the X-Shot VIGILANTE! This is one cool, mean blasting machine, featuring twin barrels and wicked style! Your opponents will hope they don't get in the way of your VIGILANTE on a bad day!

X-Shot VIGILANTE pack includes:
- X-Shot VIGILANTE Blaster
- Foam Darts

Why I Want it:
I've heard good things about it and it looks good. Saw off the barrel, trim some dead weight from the handle and this will look amazing... if done right.

The Turbo Fire

It features a 20 dart cylinder and is a pump-action style blaster. It looks like a sci-fi tear gas gun from a 1980s film.

The description goes:
Dominate the game with the X-Shot TURBO FIRE. The quick-pump loading mechanism provides you with rapid firing response, launching darts in quick succession. This blaster also features a high-capacity drum magazine that holds 20 darts, so you can stay in the game for longer. Built for speed and endurance, the X-Shot TURBO FIRE is the blaster you employ to win the battle.

X-Shot TURBO FIRE pack includes:
- X-Shot TURBO FIRE Blaster
- Foam Darts

Why I want it:
It reminds me of a tear gas luncher and should look good with a repaint, I'm thinking something Tron Legacy style.

The Excess

So a mod for the Nerf Maverick is to mount a second cylinder on a rotating arm, thus giving you a second round of 6 shots, problem is, you'll need to destroy a second Maverick to do this, but X-Shot is here to help!

Go loco and create absolute mayhem, blasting a spray of darts everywhere with the X-Shot XCESS's insanely huge, XXX dart capacity, double trouble, rotating barrels!!!

Why I want one:
Looks good, and the rotating cylinders interest me.

As of me writing this, there is one store near me selling any X-Shot stuff. An independent toy store and all they have is a Turbo Fire and they want way too much for it considering the prices I've seen elsewhere. This is also the same toy store that wanted me to pay $70 for a Magstrike... NO!

The X-Shot stuff really interests me and I'd like to see them in more stores at a more reasonable price. Not a contender for Nerf by a longshot (at the moment, not other manufacturer is) but, I reckon, they could be a contender for Buzz Bee's position on the ladder.

~ Rob


  1. Lol your reason for wanting the stalker. As far as I've gathered from Awesomely Nerf's review, it's basically a kind of smaller, more compact BBB, so modding potential could be very decent.
    The Thundershot is allegedly terrible, could have had jam issues (can't remember), but I know that the ranges totally sucked, and given the type of water gun I think it is, it'll be useless for firing the dart. I could be wrong on the water gun bit though.
    Vigilante, yeah that's pretty cool, got no arguments against wanting that.
    The Turbofire is allegedly really really fragile, but besides that ranges and stuff are decent.
    Excess, yeah again no arguments against it.

  2. I think the stalker is worse than a nitefinder.


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