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Friday, 20 September 2013

New colour scheme for "Whiteout" Vortex Proton?

New, rejected or Photoshopped? I found this on Baidu today and it sort of looks legit, but at the same time. Some Photoshop jobs can be very convincing.

So by now we all know what the new "Whiteout" Vortex blasters look like, in particular, the Proton...

But today, pics have emerged on Baidu from user Countobserver of a Proton sporting a different coloured circular pattern... it's dark grey!

The pattern is carried over on the inlay on the grip and the circles appear to be larger than the blue version. The pic is a tad on the blurry side but still, everything seems to fit and the pic looks legit. It might be a new colour scheme for the Proton, but, so soon after the new Proton's release? Maybe not. It's more likely to be a Photoshop job as a design concept usually wouldn't make it to the promo photo shoot stage... unless it was a front runner.

I can say though, I like the grey graphic more than the blue, the grey seems to fit better with the dark grey and black of the handle. It also looks more in-place when put next to a "Whiteout" Diatron.

So what do you think? Legit Proton redo, rejected design concept or Photoshop con job?

~ Rob

1 comment:

  1. I know, this post is a month old however, I think that the Black Proton is photo-shopped.


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