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Saturday, 21 September 2013

REVIEW: Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush

There have been girls in the Nerfing community for a long time now but never has there been a blaster specifically targeted at girls, now, there is a whole line of blasters targeted at girls (not aiming at girls).

The Rebelle Pink Crush is basically a Firestrike injected with oestrogen and given a make-over.

Out of the box the first thing you'll notice is the lack of a gloss finish. The whole blaster features a matte finish. The blaster is light and the handle (while small) is comfy.

Priming the blaster is nice, there is no excessive force required to pull the stalk. There is a strap attachment point at the bottom of the handle but with the bow detached this blaster is easily pocketed/holstered.

I really like the paint job Hasbro have gone with for the Rebellle line, the black on white with the pink and purple angelic wing design is very nice. The bow is claimed to hold up to 4 darts but I wouldn't keep them in there for too long, or at all. The grooves in which the darts need to be wedged into squash the foam. The bow itself is a nice attachment but the blaster looses some practicality with it attached. you can't put the blaster into a pocket or holster with the bow attached and the bow adds more width to a relatively narrow blaster. In my opinion, the bow is best left off.

The styling of the blaster is very nice. Much less "industrial" than the Firestrike and if you can imagine it in silver or black, looks a little futuristic (with the bow off). The trigger squeeze is nice, there is no additional drag on the trigger to speak of. The tac rail on top doesn't feature the usual notches like you'd see on an Elite or N-Strike blaster.

It comes with 4 darts. Two purple ones and two black and all four have a pink rubber head. The darts are "A" code for those who care. The plastic is nice and rigid, the quality you've come to expect from Hasbro.

Concluding, the Pink Crush is a narrow, light, powerful (as powerful as you can get with a grey trigger anyway) and pretty blaster and could be used as a backup blaster (with the bow off) because of it's narrow smooth lines, it should slide in and out of a pocket quite easily.

1. light
2. narrow
3. pretty
4. reasonably powerful
5. comfy
6. matte finish adds a touch of class
7. smooth lines (with bow off)
8. easy prime

1. the bow (it's pretty useless)
2. instead of a bow, should've come with a polyester hoslter
3. doesn't come with "collector" darts
4. dart storage in bow squishes foam

~ Rob

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