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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

REVIEW: Tek Recon Havok

I love it when something new comes out. The anticipation, the excitement, the yearning, and then you finally get to hold it in your hands! This is how I felt with the Havok from Tek Recon.

Out of the box the Havok is beastly! The metallic green with the black tiger stripes is probably the best stock paint scheme I've ever seen on a blaster. The weighting is similar to a Rapidstrike or a tac'd out Stryfe. The plastic is of good quality and rigid and the only flex I found was in some "garnishing" on the outside of the barrel.

The Havok is quite possible the most comfortable blaster to hold ever! The pistol-grip and the fore-grip are nicely spaced for my body size and my index finger can reach the trigger easily, due to my gorilla hands (I'm 175cms high). The shoulder stock is ergonomic heaven, it has multiple sizes that it can adjust to any size and has a nice rubberised grip on the end that makes shouldering this very comfy indeed. The pistol grip is nicely contoured and fits my hand well. While there is some distance between the trigger and the grip, it isn't an issue for me.

The NRG rings are smaller than I was expecting, in fact, once I had fired off half a clip, it looked like someone had spilt pink Fruit Loops on the floor. The cartridge can hold 72 rounds but the blaster comes with 36. The cartridge (clip/mag) is separated into two halves, each half holds 36 rounds, once one side is depleted, take the clip out and flip it around for another 36 rounds. Now, 72 rounds will take some time to load, and with the NRG rings, there is a learning curve to it but, once you find your groove, reloading gets quicker.

The NRG rings are coated in a powder, similar to what you would find latex gloves covered in. This is to protect them, stop them from sticking together, and allow them to move easily in the cartridge during loading/unloading. The problem with this is, with some of my NRG rings, the powder quickly came off and it became subject to friction inside the cartridge and took some time for the next round to be ready to be fired. I some times had to wait a moment for the next ring to be ready during a ROF (Rate Of Fire) test. The more I used the rings, the more it became a problem. This would be Tek Recon's version of a mis-fire

Firing the blaster with the blaster loaded was not an issue for me, but, when I handed it to my 7yo son, he didn't have the strength or finger reach to pull the trigger, even with two hands, the pump-action trigger he was able to use if the blaster was set to "rapid" set to "distance" he struggled with it. In Rapid mode, the blaster is quite accurate, in Distance mode, the NRG rings do fizz around in the air and found some of my shots even going around corners! But the claim of 75 feet I think is accurate. With the NRG rings too, a hit being registered might be difficult. My son was playing on the other side of the room (maybe 4-5 metres away) and I decided to shoot him. The shot hit him in the leg and he didn't notice. In the heat of battle, when your mind is focused on a lot of things at once, being hit by a little rubber band might be difficult to notice.

There is a strap attachment point on the front under the barrel and there is a large slot in the shoulder stock that could be used as one as well. I like the carbon-fauxber (faux - French for false/fake) parts are a nice touch and really make the blaster pleasant to look at.

The Tek Recon app is available for Android and iOS and is Tek Recon's ace up their sleeve. The way the app works is very nice, the different view modes (night vision, "thermal", "infra-red" and normal) look very cool. My one complaint is that sometimes, the app will not register the stylus' touch. I've made sure my hand was in proper contact with the handles and bolts, but still no go. And I know it's the blaster because when I tap with my finger it works.

Despite its downfalls, I still like the Havok. The Havok and Hammerhead are Tek Recon's "genesis", the first step in their evolution and I can't wait to see what they do next.

1. looks amazing
2. ammo capacity
3. comfy
4. comes with detachable stock
5. easy to remove cartridge (clip/mag)
6. app integration
7. rubberised shoulder stock
8. adjustable firepower (distance - mid - rapid)
9. semi-auto
10. pump action trigger
11. adjustable extending stock
12. good range

1. triggers distance from grip
2. difficult to pull trigger when set to "distance"
3. removing the shoulder stock requires some effort
4. stylus gets in the way when installing/removing phone mount
5. ammo gets lost easily
6. ammo too small to notice if you get hit after a certain range
7. accuracy at distance is poor compared to darts
8. stylus reliability
9. next round sometimes takes a while to chamber
10. trigger too hard to pull for kids

~ Rob


  1. How do you feel about the app charging for 10 uses of the power-ups?

    1. Hey, it's Mr. K from AFON!

      I'm indifferent to it really happens all the time with apps for either Android or iOS. In-app purchases are everywhere. You don't have to use them and Nerf wars have been doing fine without powerups for... ever. If we had to pay for the app, then I'd be singing a different song. Nothing irritates me more than spending money on something that isn't complete (Electronic Arts, I'm glaring in your direction). To be honest, I don't see myself using the powerups or paying for additional DLC. The app as is, is pretty enjoyable. They just need to sort out the stylus' reliability.

      ~ Rob

  2. Hey Rob thanks for the review. Very thorough and I felt fair. As you have pointed out this is "genesis" and with everything we will only make improvements. As far as the app goes we developed it to be as complete as possible to enjoy playing with. If you choose to play team games then the power ups are similar to what is used in FPS and can be bought as an option. We have provided 10 wire taps at NC so people can try them out. Try it be honest it is pretty amazing when you are playing a game to hack into the other teams com link. We will continuing to strive to create amazing blasters as the first and while we are proud of the product we have launched, you can expect even better things for the future!

    1. WOW! Brad Pedersen CEO of Tek Recon! Wasn't expecting my review to reach the top. I'm glad you thought my review was fair. All the other reviews I've read and watched compared Tek Recon to Nerf, and while it's difficult not to, I tried to avoid doing so in order to provide an unbiased review. When Nerf started making dart blasters, the range wasn't anything close to Elite range. So it would be unfair of us to expect a first generation blaster to compete with a 4th generation blaster. I love the Tek Recon idea of a real life video game and I can't wait to see what's up your sleeve.

    2. When does tek recon come down to oz??

    3. Is there going to be local support for mobile and blaster. no sense it getting a grouse blaster but have no spare ammo. btw will aus government dumb down the blasters ranges like they did nerf??

  3. The idea is awesome but the trigger mechanism for the touch screen sucks. The only way to play is to use your finger tip.
    So you have a long way to go as far as I can see. These guns are as good a wooden stick.


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