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Monday, 30 September 2013

Roughcut repaint on Baidu

Images have emerged on Baidu of a Roughcut (two of them actually) sporting a sharp orange on white colour scheme!

Pics after jump.

These images come from Baidu user Longtuoai, the same user that gave us the images of the Super Soaker Crossbow. Apparently, he's trying to sell them.

I'm liking the orange on white colour scheme, looks like an Elite Whiteout... maybe? No indication that there are other blasters sporting this colour scheme but if they look as good as the Roughie does, then I say do it.

I don't think this the rumoured Zombie Roughcut people are waiting for based on the absence of green and brown. Other than the colour, it looks like a regular Roughcut.

Longtuoai also has three Zombiestrike Sidestrikes for sale as well...

And he still hasn't sold the Super Soaker Crossbow, or maybe he has and still has a few left... I dunno. Longtuoai is selling them as "new and unused" but there is no box, I let you speculate on that however you want.

I reckon an orange on white Rapidstrike would look amazing and when I have time I might Photoshop one into existence.

What other blasters would you like to see with the Whiteout treatment?

~ Rob

I found this image in Longtuoai's public image library...

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