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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sonic Ice Retaliator appears in Toys R Us UK website!

It started in Hong Kong, then it was in the USA now it's in the UK!

The Elite Sonic Ice Retaliator has appeared in Toys R Us UK website.

We first caught wind of the Sonic Ice series a while ago when it first appeared in Hong Kong Toys R Us stores. Then it filtered its way into USA Toys R Us stores and now it's on the UK Toys R Us website for pre-order!

Customise this incredible Nerf Elite Retaliator 4-in-1 Blaster for any mission! In an exclusive Sonic Ice see-through colour, The Retaliator blaster is the ultimate in blaster performance, firing revolutionary Elite Darts at a range of 75 feet!
Featuring removable stock, barrel and drop-down handle for multiple configurations, the Nerf Retaliator comes with a 12 dart clip and 12 N-Strike Elite darts.

It's selling for as close to £25 as to not make any difference, which makes it typically overpriced as the norm with TRU.

Hopefully, these will find their way south of the equator, I'll not be buying any, I already have a Retaliator and a Rampage and I'm not at all interested in the Hailfire. But, there are completionists here and it'd not be too fair on them if the Sonic Ice series ignores Australia completely. I'd like to see more Sonic Iceness in the Elite line up. We have Sonic Vortex blasters, but I'd like to see some Sonic Ice Vortex too. Could look very good indeed.

~ Rob

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