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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Biggest Repost Ever!

I've had a week off while I took the family away to a tropical island getaway. While I was gone, these things happened.

Contains Nerf related content that may or may not have been covered by other blogs.

First Amazon gave us a description of the Mega Magnus, then, gave use a pic of the blaster. Then, Amazon comes back with box art of the Magnus. Then it was another few weeks before Hasbro makes the Magnus an official thing via Nerf's Facebook page...

The blaster is nothing we've not seen before, the internet made sure of that. We've yet to see anything other than a side-on photo of the Magnus from Hasbro but Baidu is here to help. And help they did with these...

I've said before that the Magnus looks like it'll have a reverse type plunger and these photos in particular (from Baidu user Macau Brother) only strengthen my belief in that. The Magnus reminds me of the Recon (if the Recon had an internal mag/clip). Ranges claimed are 80 feet, we in Australia won't see any distance like that, our will likely be capped at 20 meters (66 feet).

The size of the blaster is about the same as that of the Strongarm. I'm all for a "hand-cannon" sitting in a side holster, but if it's another self contained reverse plunger unit like the Centurion's? I'll be very skeptical, very skeptical indeed.

Basic Nerf also reported on the Magnus' listing on the Wallmart Canada website. Currency conversion puts the price at AUD19.03 but I'm guessing a more realistic price for Australia will be the $40 mark. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Pics of the 2014 Zombiestrike blasters on Baidu is nothing new, but an unboxing is. Thanks to Baidu user Cqyfhmh, we have pics of the Crossfire Bow has it hatched...

They're so cute when they're this age.

The blaster looks very cool with the bow arms on, but a number of Baidu folk I've spoken to never have them attached to keep the profile of the blaster down.

While we're talking about bows...

The Avengers Bow...

Not that one, this one...

Was also spotted on Baidu from user Longtuoai (that name pops up a lot). The first photo he gave us was this one.

The lighting was bad and gave the blaster a blueish tinge, initially I thought this example was taken from the factory before it made it to the paint booth but then this pic manifested from the same Baidu user...

The lighting is still not great but we can at least see that the colours are the same as in the original promo shot.

By now you've all seen the pics of the Zombistrike Ricochet from Baidu. It's a Voretex blaster that looks like it'd be at home in a Happy Meal. I've also heard it referred to as the Vortex equivalent of the Jolt which isn't far wrong. Well more pics have emerged on Baidu confirming that the Ricochet is the first barrel loading Vortex blaster ever.

The user Little Pits (Google translation remember) says that the blaster must be loaded before being primed.

For the Crossfire bow and the Ricochet to appear on Baidu now when we were told they'd be a 2014 release is very early, even for Baidu. And the fact that pics of the Crossfire box have appeared as well tells me that they might be pushed for a Christmas release, along with the Mega Magnus, new Super Soakers, the Avengers Bow, White Roughcut and the Orange Stryfe. Combined with Christmas sales, Christmas might be a busy time for completionists and zombie hunters alike.

Think that's about it for now. I think this repost is beg enough.

~ Rob


  1. I'm located in Canada, and I must say, I agree with your predicted price; I find 20$ for a NERF blaster, especially a MEGA series blaster, to be wishful thinking

    1. Does Canada get ripped off on Nerf stuff as well when compared to USA prices?

    2. yes. they released the EAT at 29.99 compared to 19.99 in US until they fixed it at 24.99. It's still 5 bucks more expensive. Otherwise, US is slightly cheaper


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