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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Elite Whiteout Concept Designs

Since finding the Whiteout Roughcut on Baidu. I got thinking... what would the other Elite blasters look like with the Whiteout treatment.

Pics after jump.

I started with the Rapidstrike. I looked up other Whiteout blasters and tried to mimic the design. Finding a useable Whiteout graphic wasn't easy because I needed something flat so I could distort it into the shape I wanted. I found one, then it was time to start recolouring.

To change the blue to white, I isolated the blue parts from the rest of the blaster and erased the colour information, making it grey-scale. Then I adjusted the contrast and brightness (and many other things) to give me the ideal white colour I needed. I left the orange stripe where it was and the other orange bits too. I added some Whiteout graphics and voila!

Then I went onto the Stryfe. Same process as before, but the Whiteout graphic required more work than the Rapidstrike. I'm happy with the end result.

Then I moved onto the Strongarm. One the Stryfe and Strongarm, changing the white stripe into an orange one is tricky, I had to manually adjust the colour levels until it was right. I didn't want too much orange on the Strongarm, because I changed the primer to orange (orange just seemed right to me) I changed the cylinder to black, I think the look is good, the black seems to contrast well with the orange.

Because of the different lighting of each photo, I couldn't employ one method for all. Changing the white stripe to an orange one, changing the blue to white, was a different process from one image to the next, but I'm happy with the outcome of these pics

That's it for today, just a quickie. Not much Nerf news happening at the moment so I did these Photoshop jobs to keep me occupied. What other Elite blaster/s should get the Whiteout treatment, leave a comment, I might just do it :P

~ Rob.


  1. Nice work. Surely you mean 'which Elite blasters should get the Whiteout treatment'?

    One suggestion I have, though, is for you to hold back a little on the graphics, because it almost seems that you're aiming to cover the blasters in them (not so much with the Rapidstrike but definitely on the other two). Also, looking at the Whiteout Rough Cut, it doesn't actually have any of those graphics and seems to have more paint on the shell's details instead (e.g. lower orange stripe).

    As for which blasters I'd like to see in the Whiteout scheme, I think all the Elites would, but even more than that I'd like to see the Rebelle blasters in it, namely the Guardian Crossbow. The Zombiestrike Crossbow would also look pretty cool in it. It's not just because I have a thing for crossbow-style blasters, I legitimately think that anyway.

    1. Oops, thanks for that... corrected! I've had a bit of positive feedback about the designs. I go with what feels right to me with the graphics and with the "Whiteout" Roughcut, you're right, there aren't any graphics on them but, the same guy on Baidu has a Retaliator that is sans whitstripe, suggesting he might be getting these from the assembly line itself before they're printed... Maybe?

    2. Very nice. so how can we convince nerf to make a whiteout or modulus themed rapidstrike?? Looks pretty with both orange ang gray trigger.


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