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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hasbro Patents for Fusefire and Ripshot, Captain America Nerf Shield and Crossfire suspicions laid to rest!

Rather than do three separate posts, I'll do just one, it's lazier that way.

Lets start with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Stealthfire Shield. It's a Captain America toy, but it clearly has 4 Elite darts sticking out of it.

It looks like the dart chambers slid into the middle and the center ring (with the star on it) is pushed down to hide them. Now, if you remember the last time Nerf tried a collapsing/fold-up blaster... it didn't end well (I'm looking at you Deploy). We can clearly see a trigger on what we cold call a fore-grip. Just give it a squeeze and it fires, the description says the dart chambers will automatically retract back into the shield. The downer, the range. 20 feet *sadface*. How can it be called "Elite" if it only gets 20 feet? It can't I tells ya!

It looks like you pull the rear handle to deploy the darts, squeeze the fore-grip to fire, and then the chambers auto-retract. Asking price will be $20 US and is slated for a Spring 2014 release, in the USA. I really like the look of it, but what I want to know is:
1. will it fit an adult Nerfer?
2. what possible mod potential does it have?

Judging by the size of Elite darts, the shield itself is about 21cm to 25cm in diameter, smaller than a dinner plate.

The description goes:


Bring some extra firepower to the battle with CAPTAIN AMERICA’S STEALTHFIRE SHIELD! Pull handle to reveal and deploy four hidden dart launchers that fire four NERF N-STRIKE ELITE darts! Each dart fires up to 20 feet! Once you've fired all four darts, the launchers automatically retract! This shield also features a rail system attachment for other SUPER SOLDIER GEAR items (each sold separately) to customize your shield for battle. Try-me packaging lets you see the amazing reveal action on-shelf. Includes four NERF N-STRIKE ELITE darts.

credit Kastor's Korner

Since the pics of the Zombistrike Crossfire popped up on Baidu... this ones in particular:

The NIC has been buzzing about how it fires. One at a time, all four at once, two at a time, or is it a single shot with three dart holders that happen to have dart pegs. Well, my source in China who has one, has confirmed that the Crossfire is basically half a Roughcut... a halfcut if you will. It uses the smart AR design that the Roughcut uses to determine which chambers are loaded and which ones aren't. My source says it clearly has an "Elite" banner on the handle and gets Elite ranges and is a very nice blaster to use (though he prefers flywheel blasters). Obviously, this was meant to be an Elite blaster originally.

More pics:

Lastly, Patent diagrams of the Zombiestrike Fusefire and Ripshot. For a full report read Basic Nerf's article. We can see from the diagrams that the Ripshot is definitely a single shooter with disc holders. But what's interesting about the diagrams for the Fusefire is the battery holder in the handle (most likely for a tac light) and the 5 disc horizontal magazine. This would explain the clear tac rail, so you can see how much ammo you have left. And while we're on the subject of the battery holder, notice the hole in the front just below and above the barrel? You can also see that it loads from the rear, there is a disc pusher at the front of the mag that pushes the next disc to the back, then, pull the primer, maybe push it back in, then fire.

I'll leave the rest of the speculating up to you, share your thoughts below. And share if you'll be buying the Stealthfire Shield or not (I won't... 20 feet, that's why).



  1. So, when you say half a roughcut, do you mean it fires two at a time or one at a time?


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