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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nerf Magnus box art and mechanical speculation.

Remember when that listing for the Nerf Magnus was revealed on Well, now the same listing has revealed to us the box art as well.

Pics after jump.

We still don't know any more about the blaster than we did before. All we know is the box ties in with the other Nerf pistols' boxes. Open air box and the blaster tied in with a Photoshopped model on the front.

The product description hasn't changed. Mega Darts, 85 feet range, internal 3 dart magazine blah blah blah. It does look as though the blaster loads from the top, but, maintaining a good seal in the breech while being able to load a 3 dart mag beneath it? I don't wanna be a buzz kill, but, I feel this might be another reverse plunger atrocity akin to the Failturion. And I say that based on observation and thinking about it thoroughly. I might be wrong (I hope) but, Hasbro used reverse plungers to reduce the size of the blasters, MEGA darts are big, this will make the blaster big. So, to make it smaller, they've devolved the internals... please Hasbro, make me wrong.

I really can't think of any other way the mechanics in a blaster of this size could do what they do another way. If it was direct plunger, surely the blaster would be longer. And what's that orange ring we see on the outside of what appears to be a dart chamber. And if it is a reverse plunger blaster, it'll be a self contained one like the Failturion's.

Anywho. The description (in case you didn't get it last time) goes:

Magnus blaster fires Mega Darts farther than ever
Mega Whistler Darts fly 85 feet and scream as they fly
3-dart capacity
Top-loading clip lets you reload fast one-handed
Magnus blaster works with Mega Darts only

The listing can be seen here.

I've already noticed a difference in the blaster the box model is holding compared to the actual blaster. The ridges on the primer are not painted on the model's, but the actual blaster's are (in the white stripe), and the iron sight on the model's blaster is molded from orange plastic, the actual blaster's is made of red plastic.

Share your thoughts below, agree... disagree?

~ Rob.

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  1. I drew the exact same conclusions when I first saw this.


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