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Monday, 7 October 2013

REVIEW: Lanard/Air Zone Double Barrel

In the world of reshells and relables, there are none more guilty than Air Zone, Toys R Us's own (but not really) brand. I was able to het a hold of a Air Zone (but actually Lanard) Double Barrel and... well, just read on to find out.

I'll admit, the real reason I bought this blaster is because of it's Huntsman incarnation, named "Boomstick". And I think that is just the best name for a blaster EVER! It's a shame then that the actual blaster doesn't live up to the name.

The Lanard Double Barrel has many incarnations:

Finding a website that ships to Australia was an effort but I found on that does ship Boomsticks down here. They wanted $60 for the pleasure... NO! So I settled for the Toys R Us Air Zone version that was considerably cheaper (including shipping). Because "Boomstick" sound better than "Double Barrel", I'll be calling it Boomstick in the review :P

The Boomstick is made of average plastic, you can feel the lower quality as soon as you touch it, the barrels and primer though, are made of better stuff. The darts are HUGE! Not as long as a Nerf MEGA dart, but wider in diameter and much heavier. The heads of the darts are hollow and are comprised of four conical rubber flaps. Not the best aerodynamics.

The darts fit nicely and the blaster is easy enough to prime. Pull the stalk out then push it back in. The darts will not fire both at once, the blaster will alternate between barrels. Pushing the priming stalk back in will oscillate the plunger's outlet from side-to-side. The plunger itself is quite large but the outlet is small and drastically inhibits range. On top of that, the air-restrictors are odd in design. Rubber washers that act as a sort of valve that opens when a dart is inserted.

Now it's time to pull the trigger and this is when the Boomstick becomes a meh-stick. The box claims a range of 30 feet but that's a lie. I was lucky to get half that, Buffdaddy says taking out the air-restrictors will improve performance a fair bit. I will take out the air-restrictors, but, if the box says 30 feet, it should get 30 feet STOCK, not modified.

I don't think poor aerodynamics is an issue, the darts wouldn't be traveling fast enough for aerodynamics to have any major effect. Buffdaddy says there is a fair bit of dead space inside this blaster and the darts don't go too far into each chamber. All this adds up to a big let down really. This is the first Lanard blaster I've ever owned and you know what they say about first impressions.

1. it's called "Boomstick"
2. easy prime
3. light

1. cheap feeling plastic
2. poor range
3. dumb short shoulder stock
4. lots of dead space
5. tiny plunger outlet
6. packaging full of lies
7. heavy darts

~ Rob

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