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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

REVIEW: Nerf Zombiestrike Hammershot

HvZ (Humans vs Zombies) has been around for a while now but has never seen any recognition from Hasbro. But, with the Zombiestrike line, Hasbro have said "yes we know you're there" and have started with the Hammershot and Sledgfire. Thanks to Jay Nerf, I've got my grubby hands on a Hammershot :)

The box is the open style box that we've seen before with Nerf pistols but you won't find any Photoshopped models. Instead you'll find a grungey mural adorned with undead silhouettes in the background. Then on the front of the box, we find a (what appears to be) pen and ink illustrated character holding the Hammershot. On the back, there is some things that aren't the usual blaster diagram as well.

The Hammershot is made from the high quality plastic you'd expect from Hasbro. The handle if comfy (more so than the Strongarm but not as comfy as Maverick) and the large handle makes the blaster feel manly.

The colour scheme is nice, it has a sort of junkyard-punk look about it (which is the sort of look Hasbro was going for I think). The wood grain handle is a nice touch but I'm still undecided on the "wrapping" on the handle. There is a tac rail on top of the blaster and strap attachment points in the butt of the handle and there is an eyelet under the dart cylinder that could be used as one as well. On the dart cylinder too, it only hold 5 darts. This helps to keep the blaster narrow.

The Hammershot is weighted nicely and priming is not an issue for me and my gorilla hands, but, other Nerfers with large hands have complained of difficulty when priming, I didn't experience this. But I can see how it would be an issue if the Nerfer were a child, this is after all, a toy and a child will have difficulty priming this blaster.

The blaster easily obtains the new standard range of 23 metres (75 feet) and will work well with ordinary Elite darts, but Sreamliners will not work due to the length of the dart peg. The cylinder doesn't drop out like the Strongarm or Maverick and is loaded from the front, the darts ("J" code) have a nice tight fit too.

I think 5 dart capacity is a nice compromise of capacity vs. practicality in a Nerf revolver, 6 darts is nice, but unless you're wearing cargo pants, no too easily pocketed.

The Hammershot is an awesome blaster and has become the new secondary for many a Nerfer.

1. dual wield-able
2. 5 dart revolver means it's compact
3. comfy handle
4. wood grain on handle is nice touch
5. hammer style priming
6. de-primeable
7. nice colour scheme
8. solidly made

1. only holds 5 darts
2. hammer is difficult for people with smaller hands
3. unnecessary "bar" below the cylinder
4. tac rail (Sly Dev parts won't fit... for now)
5. wrap on handle

~ Rob

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