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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

White Roughcut explained, Nerf News and a Redstrike Stryfe?

Since photos of white Roughcuts were found on Baidu, many in the NIC have been speculating about the return of the Whiteout series. But, is it really?

Well, short answer, no, no it's not. I got confirmation from Hasbro Australia today that the white Roughcut is just a one off and will be a Target Exclusive in Australia and most likely USA. It will undoubtedly be released as an exclusive for other retailers in countries where there are no Target stores. FYI, Target USA and Target AUS are not affiliated with each other.

Well, Rebelle is here in Australia at the moment whether you want it to be or not. Toys R Us (Aust) and Mr Toys Toyworld are all stocked up on Rebelle at the moment (and Big W too now), but, you've probably noticed an absence of the Sweet Revenge Kit. There were fears that it wouldn't get released here. Well...

Hasbro Australia confirmed with me that we will be getting the Sweet Revenge Kit in the form of a Big W exclusive...

But no word on price yet.

Now there have been images of other Nerf blaster too, these ones...

I asked Hasbro Australia about them and they had this to say,
"                                                               ".

I also found this image just now in one of my usual Baidu hunting expeditions...

Now, ignoring the white Roughcut, we see what appears to be a red Stryfe! The image is not the best quality, and some paint jobs can be pretty convincing, but to me this looks legit and the original poster (Death is not only a memory, that's his name) says the colour is legit. I've tried to enhance the image the best I can and got this...

I don't think this is a return of the extremely limited Redstrike subline, You know, these?

More likely another one off exclusive for a specific retailer like the white Roughcut. But the colour does look good and and I might get one if we get them here. It's one more for you completionists to add to your Christmas list. And I say Christmas because it makes sense to release the limited edition stuff at this time of the year.

I think this post is long enough. Share your thought's below, would you buy a red Stryfe? Would you buy the white Roughcut? Do these pants make my bum look big?

~ Rob

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