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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Zombiestrike Crossfire Bow Box Art on Baidu and Nerf Zombie App?

We've all seen the images of the Crossfire from Baidu by now. So here's another, but this time, the pic is on the box art!

Recently Pics of the Zombiestrike Crossfire have been popping up on Baidu. Some with the a Praxis stock and Nitron sight attached, some loaded, some with the bow arms off, you know... these:

But so far, nothing of the Crossfire's box... until now:

This will be the first closed box for the Zombiestrike line. Originally, this was believed to be a 2014 release, but, having the box designed and ready now, might hint toward a release before 2014, maybe even Christmas. Hasbro does keep an eye on the NIC and must know that this is a blaster that people want now, not next year, so putting it on shelves in time for Christmas makes good sense to me.

How does it fire? In case you don't already know, it's basically either the left or right side of a Roughcut, primed with a stalk on the back instead of a pump action fore-grip. On the box, we see two cartoon guys each holding a Crossfire Bow, it'll come with 4 darts (makes sense to me), but what go my attention is the advert for a Nerf Zombie App in the top right corner. Or am I seeing things? If I'm not, it'll be for iOS and Android will likely be ignored... again. But that's ok, we're used to that... *sadface*. I'm guessing something like the Blaster Challenge App, but instead of floating targets, we get zombies and get to select from the Zombiestrike blasters.

The general design of the box is unmistakably Zombistrike. I also notice that the whole box has a satin gloss finish to it. With Elite we get mostly hi-gloss finish with the grey go-fast graphic in the background being matte. N-Strike blaster too had an all-round satin gloss finish. This is (to my knowledge anyway) the first Nerf blaster box not to feature a Photoshopped model on it. The blaster pic on the box looks the same as the one iO9 leaked a few months ago:

The angle is different though (slightly), also, the Crossfire Bow is loaded and cocked on the box. It also says "Ages 8+" in the bottom right corner so if your under 8 years old, just run when the zombies come, because you're too young to shoot them.

Other than that, nothing else is known about the Crossfire Bow but, I think we all know just about all there is by now. One of my sources on Baidu says that the Crossfire is a good performer on par with Elite ranges, but it should, it has "Elite" on the handle.

~ Rob

Thanks to HJ Reviews for the heads-up!

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  1. The Praxis stock looks amazing on there. Good thing I have an extra one!


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