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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Zombiestrike Crossfire Crossbow pics on Baidu!

Those Chinese are at it again, this time it's Baidu user Yggbond with pics of the Crossfire Crossbow from the 2014 Zombiestrike line up. Credit goes to Smeagolsaur from the Nerf subreddit, I found these pics on my own, but, he beat me to them.

Pics after jump.

In this pic we get a good size comparison with the Crossfire pictured next to a Barrel Break and a Roughcut. Also, it shows us that the crossbow arms are detachable, but that was kinda expected.

This pic gives a good example of how wide the pow arms will be, I also noticed that the green of the bow is a little darker than what we've seen before... or is it just me? You can also see strap attachment points on the bottom of the grip, on the front of the hand guard and under the barrel, you can also see the orange priming stalk on the top. I can see this blaster without the bow arms and a pump-action fore-grip in this form, and maybe a clip/mag somewhere? The design of this blaster is very Elite-ish it's still very easy to imagine this blaster in blue.

This shot gives us a good look at the tactical rail and the primer with the bow arms attached and the string in place, honestly, I was a bit skeptical of the choice of green for the Crossfire Crossbow, but after these pics it's growing on me.

The last pics is interesting. It looks as though this might be a Mulitshot blaster. Looking at the blaster from the side, I don't see how air could be delivered effectively to the bottom two chambers, so they are likely to be just dart holders, then again, why would there be a dart peg in a holder?. But, the top two barrels are close together and if you look at the side of the blaster, the main shell does cover both of the top two dart chambers evenly. So there are a few conclusions I've jumped to:

1. you can fire two darts at once from the top, then from the bottom using a staged trigger akin to the Roughcut or Barrel Break to fire two darts with each stage
2. you can fire two darts at once or one at a time (staged trigger again) from the top and the bottom two chambers are just dart holders with dart pegs
3. only the top chamber will fire and the remaining three are all holders

You can also see an iron sight.

On the Baidu post, he's trying to sell the Crossfire for ¥270 (AUD46.75).

Like I said the green is growing on me (like a fungus), but I still think Elite blue would've looked better and with the Stockade shoulder stock, this would've been an awesome looking death dealer of foam.

What are your thoughts?

~ Rob

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  1. Yeah, the idea of being like a rough cut could make sense, the dart pegs have never been in plain dart holders. It would make the blaster more practical to have 4 shots to fire than reloading than 1 shot and reload after each like every single shot pistol.


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