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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Zombiestrike Ricochet, Mega Magnus and Avengers Hawkeye Bow pics on Baidu

Baidu user Longtuoai is at it again, this time, it's pics of the Mega Magnus and Zombistrike Ricochet and Avnegers Hawkeye Bow (the new one).

Pics after jump.

Ahhh Baidu. What would the NIC be without it? Where would us bloggers go for "those" photos without Baidu?

Longtuoai is at it again, this time it's the Zombiestrike Ricochet, Mega Magnus and Avengers Bow.

In these photos we see two Zombistrike Ricochet (Vortex Jolts) next to a Mega Magnus. In the pic, the Magnus' breech is open giving us further insight into how it loads. It looks as though, you push the Mega Dart into the barrel then push down from the top, then insert the next Mega Dart. You can almost see the dart pusher in there too. Note the size difference between the two blasters? I'm still convinced that this is another reverse plunger type blaster :(

Here we can see the size difference between the Magnus and the Centurion. As far as Nerf pistols go, the Magnus is shaping up to be a biggn'. But, with only 3 dart capacity? I'm still on the fence about this one. I like the idea of large caliber weapons on the Nerf Battlefield, but, this kind of execution is not the best.

In the last photo we see the rumoured Avengers Hawkeye Bow first reported by My Last Dart. Here is a promo shot:

And here is the Longtuoai's:

It might be the poor lighting but the colour is fairly different from the promo pic. Maybe the blaster went walkies on its way to the painting booth? I dunno ¯\_(シ)_/¯

This bow type blaster looks like it might actually be powered by the bows and string for one :) The layout of the pulleys and the cord (most likely stretchy cord) looks pretty legit for it to be bow powered. Which is something that bow type blaster fans have been wanting for a while. Storage for three darts including the one in the barrel, trigger on the front. I'm going to call it now. This looks like it could be the best (stock) bow type blaster (not crossbow) Hasbro have come out with.

Here are the details fro the Big Bad Toy Store.

Estimated to Arrive
October 2013
Our Price: $12.99

I'm not usually a fan of bow blasters, I have a Blazin' Bow and it's ok. But a bow that fires Elite darts is more appealing to me.

What are your thoughts?

~ Rob


  1. Im keen on getting the Magnus for one reason; chopping it up and using it to improve / alter the Failturion.

    The Magnus just looks way too big and for only 3 shots Id stick with a Triad. Or rather, for the style and design of blaster Im eagerly awaiting the ZS Sidestrike :-P

    That bow looks interesting... But wow is it going to be small o_o

  2. the mangus definitely doesn't have a return spring so it is like a speedload 6, I still don't see how a reverse plunger would take up any less room in this configuration. the only time I think you don't have dead space with a reverse plunger blaster is when it is a front load single shot like the scout.

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