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Monday, 18 November 2013

Early Crossfire Box Design Reveals Zombiestrike's Origins!

By now you all know that the Zombiestrike line is a receptacle for rejected Elite and Vortex blasters. But was it really? Recent evidence has been found (on Baidu... where else?) that might suggest that Zombiestrike wasn't originally meant to be a line of it's own.

Lets start with Multishot Madness...

Much like Multishot Madness was a collection of blasters that were capable of firing multiple darts/discs at once (as the name implies)...

It would appear that Zombiestrike was destined (originally) to the same fate. A collection of Elite and Vortex blasters under the their respective lines simply coloured green and brown to piggy-back off of the zombie hype. What makes me say this? Well, this does...

What you see here is clearly an Elite box. Elite livery, the go fast streaky grey background behind a Photoshopped smiling child model. There is a big Elite emblem in the bottom right corner with Zombiestrike stuff only taking up about 20% of the box. This isn't just concept art, this was printed. Look closely and you'll see the corrugations in the cardboard. So it looks as though Hasbro were really really close to making Zombiestrike a sub-line instead of a line on its own.

For reference, here is the Crossfire Bow box art as we know it now...

More questions came to mind though as I was typing this article. Is this a concept design or is this a box design for specific region? Given that Baidu is flooded with the Zombiestrike version of the box though, I'm inclined to think, yes, the Elite version of the box is an early version, but I have been wrong before. Something else I've noticed as well. Normally on Elite boxes, the model is wearing either grey or black long-sleeve shirts, but in this, he's wearing a white and green shirt with the sleeves pulled up. You know... colours, is that allowed?

One more question has been raised too. If Zombiestrike was intended to be a sub-line of both Vortex and Elite, then where did the Sledgfire come from if the Hammershot was ported from Rebelle?

~ Rob


  1. Well, the ZS Elite Crossfire bow looks like the UK edition, While the ZS box is the North America-Singapore one

    1. That's what I was thinking as well, but, Hasbro haven't done a region specific box for a blaster for... I dunno how long.


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