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Monday, 11 November 2013

Hasbro, stop giving us Jolts!

Since the first Jolt appeared in 2011. People have been impressed with just how much power the little blaster has. Before the Triad made an appearance two years later, it was everyone's choice of a last resort blaster or the first blaster they integrated into another by attaching it to the fore grip of a pump-action blaster. Since then Hasbro have been using it as their entry level blaster for every sub-line, so here's a recap.

It's small, it's orange, it's the original Jolt. It only held one dart at a time. But wow, did this little blaster pack a punch. And I think the design of the Jolt is very good. Who though of using the plunger tube as a handle??? That's a great idea! and I like how the plunger tapers in at the top creating a sort of Venturi Effect. and the spring (while small) is quite powerful.

The Elite came and changed the colour of Nerf blasters from yellow to blue. Soon after, Hasbro began to recolour some of the N-Strike blasters into the Elite livery, such as the Barrel Break and reflex (though not actually Elite blasters). The Jolt got a repaint too and an extra bit of plastic on the muzzle too, possibly an attempt to stop pin-nose pliers from reaching the dart peg, and the plunger head is riveted on, not screwed like the previous version. No increase in performance. But, it did look good.

Then It was Dart Tag's turn for a jolt in the form of the Stinger.

The first reshell of the Jolt featured a more streamlined profile and two dart holders in the top. This wasn't the first time Dart Tag borrowed blasters from another line. Look at the Dart Tag Firestrike, it's a Nitefinder.

Then we got the Clue Elimination versions and the Rebelle versions at about the same time. I think Clue Elimination was first so I'll start with them. I don't know how the game is played and I'll probably never find out. But it comes with 4 slightly reshelled jolts in different colours.

Then, Rebelle happened and amongst their blasters is the Sneak Attacker two-pac called the Power Pair.

It's a complete reshell on the outside but on the inside it's all Jolt. Like the Stinger there is a two dart holder in the top but the darts are held parallel to the blaster.

Lastly there is the Zombiestrike version.

It's the original Jolt shell, just in green and brown. There are targets (yay) and a clip-on two dart holder with a cross-hair on it.

I think the whole Jolt thing is starting to get old now. It's been the Christmas stocking stuffer for many a Nerfer and Hasbro's gateway blaster for two years now and I think it's time to retire it. Don't get me wrong, I think the Jolt is a good little blaster but all of these variations are starting to erode the Jolt's specialness. Like Porsche (bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this). They made really nice sports cars and super cars. They were special. Then they started making SUVs, 4 doors, and cross-overs. Now they're not that special anymore. It whent from something that you'd buy to go fast in to something you'd pick up the kids in soccer in. And it's sad that it happened to Porsche and it's taken the shine off of the brand. A similar thing is happening to the Jolt.

We have the Triad now. That's everyone's last resort now. The Jolt had it's time and it was good. Time it went out on a high note before we get sick of it in all its incarnations.

~ Rob



  1. Very True. Six different versions of the Jolt. Wow.

  2. Nite Finder did this already, stop this Hasbro!

  3. It's the Nerf version of the Transformers fandom's standard complaint "Enough with all the Bumblebees already, Hasbro!"


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