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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hasbro to make Nerf apps for Android and more foam launching Marvel toys.

It's been a long time coming for us Fandroids but Hasbro has finaly accepted Ansroid's exsistance and will start making apps for the Linux based platform. Yay!

Untill now, the only Nerf apps available were for Apple's iOS. But a close inspection of the recently leaked Crossfire Bow box on Baidu reveals a glimpse into the future... sort of.

The first box pics we saw were of the front only and all we got from that was "Zomie App". On the back however a little more is revealed. The newer clearer pics help us in seeing a sneaky little Google Play graphic to the top left of the app's advert.

Whether the earlier apps will be ported to Android remains to be seen but it wouldn't take much effort to do so.

As a devout Android user it's good to see the platform get some love from Hasbro, but. Does this mean we'll see Android versions of the app cradles?

I want to say yes. But new moulds will need to be tooled and because of the great variation in size of Android devices, it'll need to be something universal, like the Tek Recon phone mount. Or they mightn't bother which will make me sad, because while I'm not too interested in these apps, I understand there might be others (younger others) that might want to play with them.

Thanks to Buffdaddy for this heads up. More Marvel Superhero Nerf stuff has been located on the net via Entertainment Earth. We also get a look at the Avengers Bow box art.

Its listed price is USD16.99 and the description goes:

Avengers, assemble! Have you ever wished you could take a shot with Hawkeye's trusty bow? Well, Avengers fan, here's your chance! You might not be the World's Greatest Marksman or one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but you can certainly pretend you are with this super-cool Marvel Avengers Assemble Avengers Hawkeye Longshot Bow based on Marvel's Avengers franchise. Bet your friends don't have one of these!

Notice on the box the absence of Jeremy Renner from the box? Instead we get a comic of the Hawkeye character. My guess is they don't want this product associated with the movies and want it associated with the character.

Range claim on the box is 40 feet :( But I do like the purple and orange darts though.

There is also the Iron Man Flip & Fire Gauntlet selling for USD15.99.

It looks like a wrist mounted Deploy, and we all know how well the first Deploy went don't we? There is no range on the box, telling me that it doesn't perform too well. But, these aren't Nerf products, they're simply "from the makers of Nerf". The description goes:

Blast some bad guys with the Avengers Assemble Iron Man Flip & Fire Gauntlet! This nifty weapon fires real Nerf dats - just flip to deploy.

Spiderman gets a mention too with the THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 MOTORIZED SPIDER FORCE WEB BLASTER (it was all in caps on the website and who am I to change that?).

This looks like it'll sell for USD19.99 and won't be coming out until USA's Spring next year, proably to coincide with the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie (it has Electro in it).

Kids can pretend to sling webs just like their favorite web-slinging super hero! With the MOTORIZED SPIDER FORCE WEB BLASTER which mounts to their wrists, kids can fire foam discs over 20 feet with rapid speed like SPIDEY. Each MOTORIZED SPIDER FORCE WEB BLASTER comes with 10 NERF foam discs. Three AA batteries required. Batteries not included. I don't know why Hasbro went with flat foam discs, if they made it to fire Vortex XLR discs, the range would be far better. But as Buffdaddy pointed out (and I agree), it's an Iron Man 3 A.R.C. FX Gauntlet reshell.

What do you think? Should the Marvel stuff be part of the Nerf line,or are you happy to have it as simply "from the makers of Nerf"?

~ Rob

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