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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hasbro, watcha doin? Hasbro, STAHP!

So, It would appear that the Jolt, Hasbro's bread-n-butter blaster for Nerf isn't done for just yet. Because we have, yet again, MORE!!!

If you read my post "Hasbro, stop giving us Jolts", then you'll know about all of these!

These are all repaints and reshells of the Jolt. And in that post, I said "please, no more". Well, as it turns out, Hasbro weren't done yet, because Longtuoai from Baidu got his hands on some of these...

This time they're in translucent colours. In this photo we see two orange, green and blue Jolts. Whether this means they come in a set together or Longtuoai just happens to have two of each remains to be seen. But I can see a grey trigger, so, looks like they'll be coming south of the equator at some point.

Watch me contain my glee.

The blue looks like the same plastic used in the Sonic Ice series.

The green look like it could be from N-Strike's Sonic line, in the Baidu pic, the colours are a bit dim because the lighting is not too great.

But where does the see-through orange come from? And, are we going to see more blasters molded from this plastic? Another question is, what colour will the darts be that come with them? Hasbro kinda cheated by giving us standard coloured elite darts with the White Roughcut and Orange Stryfe.

Will this be the last incarnation of the Jolt? I hope so!

~ Rob


  1. I'm sure some of Habro's "creative brains" are designing a "Mega Jolt as well haha :/

    1. It already happened under the name "Bigshock"

  2. I would not mind seeing a MEGA long as we see some Tac Rail acccessories sometime before we die...


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