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Monday, 25 November 2013

Mega Magnus available at Target USA

I knew this would happen. We were told 1/1/14, but it's available now at Target USA... THE MAGNUS!

Target USA have now listed the Mega Magnus on their website and the price is a quite reasonable US$14.99.

It's clever marketing on Hasbro's part. But it's something Jay Nerf and I suspected for a while. It would've been very silly for Hasbro to miss out on the Christmas spend-up by consumers.

Hasbro - "The Magnus comes out 1/1/14"

person - "I want a Magnus but I have to wait until New Year's"

Hasbro - "SURPRISE! It's available for Christmas!"

person - "OMG!!!!, I'm getting one now even if I need to sell a lung to buy it!!!!"

I'm guessing the reason we were given 1/1/14 as a release date is because:
a. Hasbro wanted to evaluate if they'd have enough stock to meet demand from retailers
b. A marketing ploy

I haven't found the Magnus on other retailer's websites yet. So I guess you in the USA will be making the pilgrimage to the nearest Target. According to the website, it's available now!

Item info goes:

Manufacturer 8 Years and Up
Features: Easy loading, Trigger mechanism
Includes: Blaster, Darts
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 2.6 " L x 8.5 " H
Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth
Battery: no battery used
see shipping & returns

review this item
other Info.
Online Item #: 14754591
Store Item Number (DPCI): 087-11-0384
Item can be gift wrapped.

I've had the pleasure of attaining a Magnus already and can say, you won't regret buying one. If it wern't for the 3 dart capacity, it would be my side-arm... I'm not lying!

Read my review HERE.

~ Rob

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