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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mega Magnus internals (courtesy of Psyk!)

Anyone who knows/knows of, Psyk, knows that he isn't happy with a blaster until he's squeezed every last bit of performance out of it, or, has rebuilt it into something better. And not even the Mega Magnus is immune!

By now you'll most likely know that Psyk got himself a Mega Magnus (from a mysterious source) and in the review, he said a mod guide was on the way, well here it is!

There is a clip holding in the slide at the front (sort of like the Retaliator but not screwed in). Taking of the left side of the shell, Psyk shows us that there a two small springs glued into the shell. These are to close the flaps that hold the darts in the blaster.

Now lets look at the innards...

As you can see, ther 3 dart internal mag has the same design as a regular Mega clip, it's just integrated into the shell. Which should make a clip mod easier... if Hasbro sold them separately. And it looks as though the direct plunger assembly is in a sealed unit... *sadface*

He also points out a new style of bolt-sled...

and a (rather flimsy looking) trigger catch that Psyk says is actually hollow with some reinforcing ribs inside it...

Then he takes out the trigger assembly. I can't think of any other blaster that has had a "trigger assembly" before.

Then he points out all of the locks on the trigger assembly...

When he takes out the plunger and sled assemblies, you get to see the mammoth sized spring in the Magnus! It's the biggest spring in any Nerf pistol ever!

Psyk observed that the spring is half the length of the blaster. He also points out the some of the plastic components are rubbing on one another fairly badly as there are plastic shavings (orange ones) on the inside of the blaster. This can be bad if they found their way into the plunger. Psyk mentioned his disappointment at this early on in the video. then he shows us the belly of the plunger assembly.

And then we see the gargantuan plunger!

He points out that there is a lip on the spring end of the plunger preventing the plunger head from coming out. Other than that, it looks like a normal breech :) The plunger head is different to what we've seen before. It's not the "O-ring seating and spring stalk" that we're used to. The spring peg is part of the blaster's shell and the plunger head is a cup, that the spring sits in to remain in place. You can see it move inside the plunger as Psyk moves it about telling me it's not a very tight fit :(

That it as far as the internals go. The rest of the video is dedicated to modifying the blaster to take a standard clip and darts. It goes for almost an hour and you can watch it HERE.

I'm happy that Hasbro has righted many Mega wrongs with this blaster. It's disappointing to see that they are still making the blaster as difficult to mod as possible, but that's more to do with "Duty of Care" than it does with "don't touch my stuff" I think.

The Magnus is slated for release on New Year's Day 2014.

Let me know your thoughts.

~ Rob.

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  1. Oooh, that's a damn sexy pistol. A little spring upgrade, a little OMW trigger catch (this looks like it might get their attention), and you've got a pretty serious blaster in a small package. Count me in.


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