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Sunday, 24 November 2013

MOD GUIDE: Nerf Blazin' Bow

I like the Blazin' Bow. But in an Elite Nerf world, N-strike is sub-standard. Time to make it better!

Modifying the Blazin' Bow is as easy as it gets. There are 13 screws holding the shell together. Take them out.

Inside the blaster, you'll see a plunger tube and... not much else really.

Firstly, take out the plunger assembly. Then take out the plunger and the plunger tube should just come right out of the air-restricter mount. Turn the plunger tube around (180 degrees) this puts the air release hole at the other end giving us a larger compression zone. Lube up the inside of the plunger tube with rubber friendly lube (I use silicon grease). There is no O-ring on the plunger head, so no teflon tape is needed here.

In the centre of the plunger stalk is a screw, take it out. A Longshot spring will fit nicely over the top of the stock spring but still fit inside the plunger tube and is almost the same length as the stock Blazin' Bow spring. Once the Longshot spring is on there put the plunger stalk back together.

If you want, you could remove the air-restricter but I left mine in to increase the longevity of the blaster.

Now, wrap the end of the air-restricter end (our one, not the stock one) of the plunger tube in about 2 layers of teflon tape. Grease up the inside of the air-restricter mount to allow the plunger tube to be easily inserted. You'll need to hold the teflon tape in place as you're inserting it so that it isn't pushed up the tube. This will improve the air seal, if you want though, you could use hot glue. I used teflon so that I could replace the tube late if I wanted to.

Now, on the barrel, there are two holes in the underside. I used aluminium tape to cover those you could also use hot glue or epoxy putty also.

Put the blaster back together.


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