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Thursday, 28 November 2013

MOD GUIDE: Nerf Mega Magnus

I love the Magnus. But if you're like me (and if you are, I'm so sorry) you're not happy with a blaster until you've squeezed just that extra bit out of a blaster. I wanted to combat the dart capacity first but also, see if something can be done to increase dart velocity.

Important notes before you start:
1. mark the front and back of the mega clip and dart pusher when you take it apart
2. take note of where the screws came from as they're are different sizes
3. if you're going to use anything sharp, get your mum or dad to help you

We'll start with the easiest mod first. Spring addition. Firstly, unscrew the 4 screws in the primer and take off the top half. There is a guide tooth in the front of the primer that clips into a slot, take it out slowly.

Then unscrew the rest of the rest of the screws in the main body of the blaster and take off the top half. Remove the dart flap and take out the plunger and chamber. If it's difficult to remove, try pushing the chamber into the plunger tube. Then take out the massive spring.

Now, adding the extra spring was a bit of a task, but I was eventually able to twist them into each other. The extra spring I used is from a Nite Finder/Stampede.

I put the plunger back into the blaster and "soft assembled" the blaster (put back together but didn't tighten the screws) to test. There was a noticeable increase in performance and the trigger catch didn't have any problems with the extra load.

It passed the welt test :)

Then I took the blaster apart again. The Mega clip is just too big for a Mega clip conversion to be done and (IMHO), converting the Magnus to take a smaller caliber round defeats the purpose of buying a Mega blaster in the first place. I don't doubt the blaster would perform marvelously, but, you're taking a Magnus and turning it into a Redtaliator.

The internal walls of the Mega clip and the walls of the internal clip (that's not confusing at all is it?) are the same width. But the guide rails for the dart pusher are different for some reason. So we'll need to remove the inner orange plate form the Magnus and the Magnus' dart pusher and it's spring.

Blue: dart flaps (note: the long post goes to the top at the rear when placed in the blaster)
Yellow: orange plate

Then remove the following pegs and posts from the right side of the blaster:

Yellow: remove posts, walls and pegs
Blue: remove tac rail only, there is also a small amount of tac rail that will need to be removed from the front
Green: cut out a hole that is half the thickness of the mega clip, the length of the hole must not exceed the front and rear walls of the internal clip

Purple: leave intact

Now we move onto the left side of the shell.

Yellow: remove posts, walls, pegs and some of the primer's slide guide. Removing the guide will not affect how the primer moves.
Blue: remove tac rail only, there is also a small amount of tac rail that will need to be removed from the front
Green: cut out a hole that is half the thickness of the mega clip, the length of the hole must not exceed the rear wall of the internal clip and the lower forward screw post. Some of this screw post will need to be shaved off from the internal clip side of the screw post.

Purple: leave intact

Onto the mega clip.

There is extra plastic on the outside of the forward and rear dart walls. The Mega clip will need to be trimmed down to just inside of the dart walls. The dart stoppers (don't think thats the right term for it) at the top of the clip will need to be removed also. Take the clip apart before cutting, remove the dart pusher and spring then reassemble. Rescrew only the bottom three screws in the clip.

Purple: remove

Now take the clip apart again. The right side of the clip should now fit inside where the internal clip once was in the right side of the Magnus. The top of the clip will need to trimmed further so that it fits under the dart flap, allowing the dart flap to be replaced. Now drill two holes into the clip's right side to correspond with the two screw holes in the Magnus shell.

The orange piece behind the clip shell is attached to the primer and is what will make the dart tooth retract after a dart has been chambered. There is a fair bit of friction between the clip shell and this piece so to combat that, the clip has to be cut thusly:

There are two nubs toward the top of the dart pusher's guide rails. Leave these intact, these are what will stop the dart pusher from being pushed out of the Magnus. The rear stopper nub will need to be slightly beveled on the outer side of the shell so that the orange piece doesn't catch on the clip's shell. Using the round headed screws that were used to hold in the orange plate, screw in the right side of the clip shell being careful not to strip or grind the screw heads because the darts will be in contact with the screw heads and we want them to be as smooth as possible.

Now take the dart pusher and trim the front edge by 3mm, giving it enough clearance so it doesn't catch on any edges. then you'll need to cut out two slots in the dart pusher allowing it to slide past the screw heads without catching or rubbing on them. Smooth over any rough edges with fine grit sand paper.

Reassemble the Mega clip but don't screw it together.

Now replace the plunger assembly and dart flaps. Mark where the left dart flap comes to on the left side of the clip shell and trim the clip shell so that that dart flap is unobstructed. Now attach some soft foam about 3-4mm thick to the left side of the clip, this will hold the two sides of the clip together so the dart pusher doesn't come out of its rails and will also reduce the play inside the Magnus. Use double sided tape or super glue as is it has a thiner profile than hot-glue.

Reassemble the clip and blaster.

The the primer guide part of the shell that we removed earlier as seen from the outside. Blaster functions have not been affected if done correctly.

This dart had been weakened buy the Centurion and as a result the head wanted to leave the dart behind. Just a heads-up (pun very much intended).

Finished product!

I think that covers everything. If you need help leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as I can. I always loved the Magnus but now, even more so!

~ Rob


  1. is it possible to do this but move the clip down a bit so the darts will chamber inside the gun but also into the clip?

    1. Wouldn't be able to reload if you did. I've tried pushing Mega darts through the top of a Mega clip and it won't happen without damaging the darts,

  2. Does the blaster still fire Mega's very accurately even after the mods?

    1. Yes, amazingly, some of the darts flew straight for 35 feet from shoulder height!

  3. Yo... so i am trying to take my new Magnus apart but the plastic behind the spring wont sepererate?

  4. I've noticed parts of the magnus plunger having properties of an air-restrictor, so i'm curious to find out how do i get the plunger apart, any ideas??

    1. Don't take the PT apart, it's solvent welded together, boiling it will warp the plastic. Just leave it as is

    2. You can use this following guide for removal of the air restrictor, but note it *does* involve cutting the tube apart and reassembling with strong glue or epoxy:

  5. how much money would cost for me to buy one from you

  6. Finally got an Au version, and tried to add NF spring but now it wont prime
    properly,(wont catch) any ideas?

  7. Nah seriously how much to buy one, just cause i'm asking doesn't mean i can't afford it it means i would like to know cause i would seriously consider it.

  8. Is the clip easily removed with this mod(for example, in the middle of a game)?
    I'm thinking about integrating a magnus to the front of my longshot, but I'd like to keep the magnus upright (epoxy the priming slide to the longshot and push the entire blaster forward to prime), but if the clip still has to be fed from the top, that wouldn't help me much.

    1. Apologies. Having now watched the video, I realize that you explicitly stated in it that the clip does not come out.
      Awesome mod regardless!

  9. hey bro, can you make a centurion mod that can load elite drum?

  10. looks like Judge Dread's gun from the new Judge Dread film. that is cool.

  11. Could this be done with a Buzz Bee Tyrant magazine?

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