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Friday, 29 November 2013

Nerf Elite Target

Zombiestrike Target Set, Rebelle Knockout Kit, Rebelle Star Shot... now, an Elite Target is up on Toys R Us Japan.

Slated for a late March release next year, the Elite Target will sell in Japan for ¥‎999 (AU$10.72) but the RRP is ¥‎1050 (AU$11.27).

The Target goes on sale at the same time as the Elite sucker darts and will most likely have a smooth gloss finish to it so the suckers can stick to it.

Product description as translated by Google goes:

Official shooting target renewal appeared in Elite specification. Reversible design doubles play as well! ※ There is the case that is slightly different from the actual product image.

I can't say I've seen Nerf targets being sold individually before. They usually come with a blaster or blasters. I would go as far to say that we might see this target in a kit eventually bundled with a Firestrike or a Jolt. No word on whether it's electronic or a simple sheet of screen printed plastic yet, but, I'm thinking the later.

~ Rob

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