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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Patent reveals how "smart-ARs" work & four barrel Triad

A recently published patent (US8567378 B2) reveals how the intelligent air-restrictors work in the Roughcut, Triad and Crossfire, and reveals the Triad was originally going to have four barrels?

These were published on the 29th of October this year in Google Patents. It shows how the intelligent air-restrictors work. It's quite clever, when the air-restrictor is depressed, it closes a hole that would otherwise divert the air to the next chamber.

When the air restrictor is closed, air is diverted to the next chamber. There are two of these arrays in the Roughcut side-by-side, they're not connected. So... don't mod the ARs in anyway if you're planning to. (well duh)

In the same patent we see the Triad too. Well, sort of. In some of the pics, the Triad has four barrels!

Why Hasbro reduced the barrels to three from four is anyone's guess. Probably because 'Triad' sounds better than 'Quadad'. Or, the four barrel design will be used in a later blaster or it's just a concept design.

I had a few ideas in my head on how Hasbro did the smart-AR design and this was one of them, not exactly but I was close. The four barrel Triad is what my attention is dwelling on, why have it in the diagrams together with the 3 barrel Triad?

I didn't know how bendy the air ducts were inside the smart-AR housing. This creates drag that slows the flow of air down, so to compensate, the Roughcut needs a stronger than average spring.

Some Nerfers don't really care about these patent thingies but I like knowing about the mechanics involved with features like this. What are your thoughts?


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