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Saturday, 23 November 2013

REVIEW: Nerf Elite Mega Magnus

As soon as the Magnus hit shelves in Singapore and Hong Kong, I was frantically emailing my contacts in both countries trying to get one. Psyk came through for me and I'd like to say a MEGA thanks to him. (see what I did there?)

As soon as I took the Magnus out of the postage box. The first thing that hit me was how big it was. It's a bit bigger than a Strongaram and bit bigger than a Retaliator core sans clip.

Out of the box, you notice that the blaster isn't as front heavy as the size would imply. I found it surprisingly light for a blaster of it's size. Holding this blaster does get the testosterone flowing, I won't lie.

Loading the darts is easy enough. Make sure you load the heads first though, then push the rest of it in. The blaster has a large prime but it has to be to fit the darts in. While the prime is a little noisy it's easy enough despite the giant spring that's in it. There is also a lot of meat on the primer for you to grab too.

The handle is more comfy than that of the Strongarm, due largely to the smaller cut-out at the bottom of the handle. The handle of the Magnus has a nice rough textured surface akin to some of the Rebelle blasters and just feels nice. The tac-rail on the underside of the blaster is a bit of a nuisance because it will limit the amount of accessories you can attach to the blaster. The Centurion's bi-pod looks dumb and cool at the same time. I suppose putting the tac-rail underneath is a better idea then putting it on the primer... it didn't turn out too well for the Maverick did it?

One shot was all it took for this blaster to blow the Centurion away. I've fired this blaster more since recording the video review and can say that the ranges are far more consistent than the Centurion ever was (as stock) and so far, no darts have been nom'd by the breech. Whether this is because the foam seems firmer with the Magnus darts than it does for the Centurion, I don't know. I also don't know if the Magnus darts are firmer because they're newer, I'm not buying a Mega refill pack to find out... until it comes with a clip.

I keep looking at the muzzle on this thing and can't help but think that it might've been designed to take a barrel extension of some sort. The trigger squeeze is nice, there is a little travel in the trigger before the blaster fires and not too much effort is required to release the trigger catch. Oh, and so far, no jams :)

In conclusion, the Magnus is a very good (and intimidating) blaster. What stops it from being a great blaster is the capacity. Three darts? So, making it take six might've made it look a little strange, and with a six dart internal clip (or Mega clip hole) the tac-rail would've been shifted to the primer... not the best spot. But, whose going to use the tac-rail on this thing anyway?

1. intimidating
2. comfy
3. no jams (yet)
4. easy prime
5. textured handle
6. lighter than you might think
7. consistent ranges
8. hasn't eaten any Mega darts (yet)

1. three dart capacity
2. internal clip/mag

I really tried hard to think of more cons but couldn't.

~ Rob


  1. I can't wait for this to come out here. It has some great cosmetic mod potential, and possibly even throwing a beefier spring in there might make things fun....though most likely impractical.

  2. mine have just arrived from Thailand, and I live in Indonesia. This review is preety much everything I feel with this blaster. I only have 1 thing that bring me down.. why only 3 darts :(

  3. REVIEW: Nerf Elite Mega Magnus. As soon as the Magnus hit shelves in Singapore and Hong Kong, I was frantically emailing my contacts in ...


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