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Thursday, 7 November 2013

REVIEW: Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 (grey trigger)

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. For a while now, Vortex has been immune from the cursed "Grey Trigger", but that is now at an end with the Revonix 360.

The Revonix 360 is the big Vortex blaster of 2013 and is the blaster that ushers in the new colour scheme of the whole Vortex line. It's also the first Vortex blaster that isn't a based on the Praxis shell (Lumitron, Pyragon).

I love the shape. It sort of reminds me of a grenade launcher. Both of the handles are comfy and well spaced and there is no 40 disc drum acting like a keel. It's well balanced and I'm loving the flame job on this thing. Loading the blaster is a lengthy affair, but 30 disc storage will have side-effects. The design of the blaster to have a large capacity while being able to load on the fly and the Revonix does that nicely.

There is a shoulder stock attachment point but the blaster doesn't come with one :( There is a strap point under the front of the Tac rail and under the disc drum. The plastic is rigid and of the normal high quality you'd expect. Priming the blaster is easy as well.

You might be thinking that this is a good blaster... no. No it's not.

It's very loud when priming due to all the clockwork the primer needs to activate. Its also a bit clunky too. The cylinder rotation mechanism is not the smoothest, akin to the lazy-suzan of the Hailfire. And the mechanism that takes a vertically orientated disc and makes is horizontally orientated is too prone to failure. I managed one shot out of the Revonix before it jammed on the second... and it is was an epic jam. It took me a long time to clear it and I found the (tiny) jam door useless and the jam release switch was not going do anything because the disc was stuck in (what I call) the "orientator". I ended up using some scissors to cut the disc into smaller bits and removed them with needle-nose pliers.

Then, there is that grey trigger. The drop in performance is more than noticeable when compared to the Pyragon. With the Pyragon, I could fire at the wall on the other side of my house (35 feet away) and the discs would sail straight, only starting to curve off the last meter or two. With the Revonix however, the discs start to curve off at about the 20 feet mark and start to loose altitude quickly after. I have no doubt that the USA version would offer considerably better performance, on par with the Pyragon. But. The reliability of the internal mechanisms is too low in my experience. It might be just a one time thing, but, on the second shot? If you bought a new car and it broke down while you were driving it home, would you buy the same car again? Most likely... no, no you wouldn't. And that's how I feel about the Revonix.

1. looks awesome
2. large capacity
3. comfy grips
4. load on the fly
5. easy prime
6. slam fire

1. unreliable
2. noisy prime
3. poor performance (grey trigger only)
4. useless jam door (too small and doesn't open all the way)
5. AUD74.95 RRP and no shoulder stock?

I can't recommend buying this blaster.

~ Rob

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  1. I have seen another reviewer jam this blaster after getting it but i have't had a single jam issue with mine, it could be this blaster is hit or miss or simply user error. In the Manual you will notice this blaster was suppose to come with a stock, the very one seen on a picture of it on a site. I would say that the pyragon has advantages but i think this blaster is better suited for indoor combat and the pyragon outside due to the reloading system.


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