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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

REVIEW: Prime Time Toys Airhawk Compound Bow

I was never a fan of bow style blasters. But after tooling about with the Blazin' Bow they started to grow on me. So when Prime Time Toys offered to send me an Airhawk I was more than happy to accept.

The first thing I noticed when I took the Airhawk out of the box was how similar it was to the Big Bad Bow.

The blaster is made of a nice and rigid plastic and the arrows are almost a clone of the the Blazin' Bow's with one (welcome) difference. The heads are streamlined for better aerodynamics. I had some difficulty assembling the blaster. But I was able to figure it out soon enough. The bow arms are made of a pliable plastic that (if the string is wound tightly enough) will bow when the blaster is primed giving the illusion that the bow arms are actually doing something.

The prime has a short draw and but the spring feels strong. The range on the box is 12m (40feet) and it attains this easily, likely because there is no air-restrictor in the blaster. There is storage for an additional 2 arrows via holders on the bow arms but you get 6 in the box.

The handles are comfy and priming the blaster is easy to but just like the Blazin' Bow, accuracy is an issue and this is due to the bent fins on the arrows. The Airhawk's arrows and the Blazin' Bow's are near identical in dimension. But. The Hairhawk arrow will not fit a Blazin' Bow while the Blazin' Bow arrow will fit the Airhawk. Hasbro don't offer arrow refills for their bow blasters but Prime Time Toys do... are you listening Hasbro?

The compound bow is available at Amazon, Sports Authority and a slight reshell (but still the same blaster) is at Toys R Us under the Air Zone brand. It outperforms the Blazin' Bow, is heavier but firing the blaster won't mean your arms will get tired from holding the primer back for too long.

1. spare arrows available
2. looks good
3. bow arms look like they do something
4. streamlined arrows
5. six arrows in box
6. easy to prime

1. inaccurate ammo
2. c'mon, we don't really need the bow arms do we?
3. troublesome to assemble

~ Rob

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