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Saturday, 9 November 2013

REVIEW: Prime Time Toys Quickfire Powerstrike 24

Right now, Nerf is king and to the uninitiated, other branded foam dart blasters are referred to as "Nerf" as well. Now, to automatically assume that every Nerf blaster is good would be wrong. Need I remind you of the Mega Centurion and the Deploy? To assume that any blaster that isn't Nerf is bad would be wrong too, and and example of that is the Quickfire Powerstrike 24 from Prime Time Toys.

If you've not heard of Prime Time Toys, that is understandable, but, you'd have most likely seen some of their stuff before rebranded as Air Zone and available at Toys R Us. Such as the following...

But the blaster I'm talking about today is this one...

The Quickfire Powerstrike 24 is a well wighted and balanced blaster. It's reasonably light too but the plastic is nice and rigid. The way the blaster is fired is a little odd. There is a on/off switch on the shoulder stock, this activates the flywheels. Hold the trigger in to release a lock and pump the fore-grip to fire. Each time you pump, one dart is fired. It would make more sense to me to have the on/off switch integrated into the trigger and have a safety lock on the shoulder stock.

There is a clear jam door on the front-right of the blaster that deactivates the fly-wheels. Loading 24 darts takes it's time but that's no different from any other blaster with a large capacity. The darts are loaded into the 8 chamber cylinder via a groove above the jam door. Each chamber in the cylinder holds 3 darts. This means it's possible to reload on the fly.

The design of the blaster is very good. It reminds me of the MA5D from Halo and could be used as a base for a cosmetic mod.

The blaster takes 4 AA sized batteries to power the (reasonably quiet) flywheels upfront. They don't take long to spool up but because they are always on, could give away your position. This is why it would be better to have the trigger activate the flywheels instead of having them on all the time. The blaster gets a range of about 40-45 feet. The range depends on how you pump the fore-grip. Slowly and the flywheels have more work to do in launching the dart but, they have more time to spool up between shots. Quickly, the fly-wheels don't have to do as much work but there is less time time between shots for the fly-wheels to spool up.

The darts compared to Nerf Elites are the same diameter and made of the same good quality foam. The downside is they are about 10mm shorter and have a flat head on them that isn't too aerodynamic and could impede ranges...

This means, while Elite darts will fit into the cambers, you won't be able to squeeze 24 in there. You'd need to insert a spacer so that 2 Elite darts fit without any room to move inside the chamber. You could purchase additional Prime Time/Air Zone darts. But. Few other people will be using them during a war so scavenging will be hard. But, Prime Time darts do work in non clip-fed Nerf blasters.

In conclusion. The Quickfire Powerstrike 24 is a good blaster with good performance and good features with lots of mod potential. It's available at Walmart and occasionally on Amazon.

1. looks good
2. 24 dart capacity
3. semi-auto
4. Nerf branded darts fit (sort of)
5. mod potential
6. light weight
7. balanced
8. grips are good distance from each other

1. short shoulder stock
2. "always on" fly-wheels
3. flat head darts


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  1. That's very interesting! I'd like to try to find one of those!


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