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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ricochet Box Art, More Jolts And A Rant

Starting this blog, I gave myself some rules. One of which was 'no rants'. Rants to me were Pocket's thing and he was good at it. But I have to break my own rule now. My hand has been forced.

I'll start with the news.

Pics from Baidu (where else right?) reveal even more Jolt reshells.

The Rebelle Knock Out Gallery is basically the Zombistrike Target Set for girls. And just like the Zombiestrike Target Set, it has a Jolt... another one... sigh.

Unlike the Angel Aim/Power Pair this is Jolt isn't as heavily reshelled. It's still a Jolt though. It comes with 3 darts and 3 targets and will most likely cost the same as the Zombiestrike version when it's released.

The same Baidu user (Longtouai, getting to know that name aren't we) also showed us the box art for the Zombistrike Ricochet

It comes with two XLR discs just how the Jolt (the original one) came with 2 darts and will be the smallest Vortex blaster ever. We know it's a barrel loader (another first for Vortex) and needs to be loaded before being cocked. Due to the size of the blaster, I'm not surprised that this blaster is in an open box.

The Angel Aim is another version of the Jolt and is 50% of the Rebelle Power Pair. But now it comes in a different colours, pink, blue and purple.


I love a good idea. The thought and the imagination that contributes to a good idea. Moments of inspiration and "eureka moments" when suddenly the solution just pops into your head. And the Jolt is a good idea.

What I HATE is when a good idea is exploited, mangled/distorted and plagiarised. And the Jolt is well and truly exploited!

The Jolt is the most heavily reshelled and recloured Nerf blaster ever. It's a great design, don't get me wrong, using the handle as the plunger tube is inspired! But like all exploited good ideas, it has now become annoying. We don't need any more versions. Just stick with the "Elite" version and the Angel Aim for the girls. There isn't a need for any other versions than that!

When you flood the market with something it looses value, and becomes a mockery. And the Jolt is one reshell/recolour away from being little more than a joke. The Jolt is a good blaster and I don't want to see it reduced to this shame. Like what happened to Nicolas Cage. Remember the Nicolas Cage from blockbusters like Con Air, Face Off and The Rock? Now he's in 3-4 movies a year and has become a laughing stock. THIS WILL HAPPEN TO THE JOLT!

Hasbro please please please stop this lunacy. We already have these...

And now you're giving us even more with the Knock Out Gallery. We don't need any more! Contribute the resources and time into developing the Mega line, I think any time spent making the Mega line better is time well spent. The Jolt is done, it's had its moment in the spotlight and is now time to move on.

I like the target idea. Including targets with a Jolt is a way of taking a toy and making it a game. So, I propose this. Drop all versions of the Jolt bar three, the "Elite" version, the Angel Aim and the Zombiestrike version. Sell them with targets. Done, that's all we need, no more.

Please don't take what makes the Jolt great and turn it into a gimmick!

~ Rob


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