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Saturday, 16 November 2013

What's Next For Mega?

The Centurion has been around for a while now and I wouldn't consider it new anymore, and we've been flooded with pics of the Magnus to the point where it too is starting to become old too. But, where does Nerf's Mega line go from here?

When the first pics of the Centurion leaked on Baidu earlier this year the NIC was a buzz with excitement. Finally, a follow-up to the immortal Longhshot. It's big, it's red, it's ammo is big and red too. And the bi-pod is a nice accessory as well. Then, the news broke... REVERSE PLUNGER!!! More than that though, there are slots in the plunger tube to vent excess air pressure AND it's a sealed unit. The Centurion quickly became the Deploy of the Elite line. Then, as if the plunger blunder wasn't enough, Hasbro gives us flimsy fragile darts that tear if you use them as darts. I'm all for large caliber weapons of the Nerf battlefield, but Hasbro's execution wasn't the best.

Then the Magnus came. A pistol, with an internal clip/mag that holds 2 darts, plus one in the pipe makes 3. It's a hand cannon about the same size of a Strongarm. The NIC was itching to know if this would be direct plunger or reverse. I pleaded with the guys on Baidu to open one up and show us the internals but to no avail. Then Psyk got his hands on one (that lucky dfg^^@#gh&*) and when he opened it up, the NIC erupted into rapture (not really but we were happy) to learn that it was a direct plunger and not a sealed unit.

So... now what? What can we expect from Mega?

Well, lets looks at what Mega doesn't have and think about that. They don't have a semi-auto yet nor a full auto. Nor a "shotgun". Now lets think about what Hasbro plans to do with the Mega line. Is it just a passing thing or is it here to stay? Was Hasbro just testing the water with the Magnus and the Centurion? If that's the case, the lack luster response to the Mega line might mean an untimely death, which would be sad because the Magnus is direct plunger and the foam the darts are made from is firmer. So, Hasbro is on the right track with the Mega line after the Centurion debacle. I would like to see the line expanded. I support large caliber weapons on the field. Granted it would make scavenging darts hard, but, if the rules of the game (be it a war or HVZ) were to allow the Mega darts a blast/kill radius (like rolled up socks) then I can see Mega being used more.

If Magnus is the last Mega blaster we see, what happens. Well, Hasbro will eventually stop making the blasters and the darts. Then they will become one of those collectable blasters. People will want the Magnus because it has a large direct plunger, people will want the Centurion because it's a large shell with a lot of real estate inside for modifications.

A Mega shotgun style blaster just makes sense to me. And if any manufacturer can pull it off it's Hasbro, it sure as hell isn't Lanard...

I can totally see a big red Barrel Break that takes Mega darts. And has two direct plungers, that parts important. Then all we'll need is a semi-auto and a full-auto blaster.

I don't see too many blasters carrying the Mega label if Hasbro does press on with it. All I really see is a pistol, "rifle", semi-auto, full-auto (if we're lucky) and a shotgun. I think four to five Mega blasters is a good number. N-Strike just had way too many, and I hope the "Elite Explosion" is done with (I think it might be if they have resorted to recolourings of Elite blasters). Rebelle I think has a good variety of blasters despite the limited models available and Zombiestrike... well let's not go there.

I think with a bit of RnD the Mega line could be quite awesome, it's already on it's way with the Magnus, all we need now is some Mega darts that are... you know... good.

What do you think?

~ Rob


  1. the Magnus darts are not firmer because Hasbro lessened they are firmer because Hasbro uses 2 different factory's. its been like this for years I don't see how you guys don't notice this with the release schedule the big first xmas blaster always has softer darts the follow ups that are smaller are from another factory in a dif part of china.

  2. I am a bit confused as to what they'll do too, they really aren't doing the whole "line-up launch" thing with mega like they did with vortex, zombiestrike and elite. They've filled 2 extreme ends of the spectrum with the pistol and "sniper" rifle, big caliber doesn't really fit any other style other than a heavy machine gun or shotgun. SMGs, assault rifles, semi auto pistols really are better suited to smaller darts for more capacity in a small place. I would really love to see a mega revolver though.

  3. I would love a revolver and a vulcan-esque machine gun for the Mega Line.

  4. Dudes,
    Here's what we've seen:
    A big longstrike (Centurion/Javelin)
    A better Scout (Magnus)
    Hasbro needs to do better. (Although I'm plannin' on gettin' the Magnus.)

    Here's what they need to do with MEGA:
    Quad-barrel, shell fed shotgun. [3-dart shells]
    (Barrel Break + Sledgefire)
    {Cerberus MIX-12}

    6-round revolver with a barrel
    (Do you feel lucky, punk)
    {Destroyer MREV-6}

    A belt-fed Gatling gun with a 100-dart belt
    {Semperfire MEBF-100}

    A side-fed full-auto with a huge drum, stock mounting point, and Raider Stock
    (Epic Raider)

    Semi-auto, direct-plunger sniper rifle with 12-dart mag
    {Redshift MCS-12}

    And maybe:
    Some sort of semi-auto, external mag-fed pistol
    (Go ahead, make my day)

    I just want an epic sidearm, and the Magnus, although the best available, is lacking. I want an Inspector Harry Callahan ("Dirty Harry")-grade revolver.

  5. Elite Mega Rage Fire MIEBF-250 idea

    8 barrel working minigun
    250 round belt
    600 rpm/10 rps
    6 tactical rail
    Rechargeable li ion battery
    Rotating barrels actually fire, not like the Air Zone Punisher BS where it fires from the middle.
    Built-in laser sight because this may have to be hip fired

    I-Improved (action)

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  7. They need to make the mega samaritan even if it only had one round and wasn't hammer operated i would still buy it

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