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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

White Roughcut 2X4 box art

As soon as I turned on my computer this morning I checked Baidu and found pics of the White Roughcut in its box. Only to learn Smeagolsaur from the Nerf sub-Reddit beat me to them :(

Baidu user Longtuoai was the first to provide us with pics of the White Roughcut almost two weeks ago now.

Today Baidu user Dzc Scorpio provided us with these:

From these pics you can see that this is not the fabled Zombie Roughcut that Random Shadow 09 discovered lurking in a Target USA DPCI database. It's just a one-off recolouring probably made to boost sales this Christmas. Like the orange Stryfe.

Hasbro Australia did confirm with me that this will be a Target exclusive in Australia (the whit Roughcut that is) and will most likely me a Target exclusive in the USA too (though Target USA and Target AUS are not the same company). It will most likely sell for the same RRP as a regular Roughie. You'll not the absence of "Whiteout" from the box too... this is not the return of the Whiteout series :(

It's an open box (like the orange Stryfe), a growing trend in the packaging department at Hasbro.

This is being done to reduce the cost of packaging most likely, but, it'll be good for the trees too so the hippies should be happy about that. I'd also like to draw your attention to the colour of the trigger in this pic...

It's grey! This is good and bad. It's good because it means we'll be getting it here in Australia, but bad because it means it'll be reduced in power compared to the USA version (I hate you toy safety laws). The darts are regular Elite blue and orange which I think is cheating, they should be white and orange. Just use the white glow dart body with the orange head, solved! Don't know if this will be a limited run or an ongoing thing though.

I know you completionists will be busy spending this Christmas, but what about the rest of you? Does the white Roughcut make you want another one?

~ Rob


  1. I would of liked to see some "Whiteout" style darts come with Roughcut, but oh well.

  2. Just wondering... any info on a relase date?

  3. These just showed up in toy stores in Manila this week. Same price as regular Rough Cut.

  4. I just saw the white out Roughcut. It would be awesome as a masterkey under a white Retaliator. Other than that a waste for me cause it gettin painted anyway! Lol

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