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Monday, 4 November 2013

Zombiestrike Ripshot and Target Set box, Supersoaker Freezefire and important Magnus info

Ah Baidu, you're always there to provide us bloggers with stuff to post about. This time is the boxes for two, yet to be released, Zombistrike blasters.

Baidu user Longtuoai has his hands on the Ripshot and has kindly posted photos on line.

What we see is an open box (the first we've seen for a Vortex blaster) with the Ripshot blaster and three XLR discs included. Top right of the box we see the ad for the Nerf Zombie App (available for iOS and Android when it's released). The blaster looks a bit like the M6G Magnum from Halo and I would love to see one given that mod.

No word on whether it's a barrel loader like it's little brother, the Ricochet. It looks likely, but, I was (joyfully) wrong about the Magnus (more on that further down). Everything else we know already. Holds 3 discs, fires one, looks better in normal Vortex paint. Still not sure if that's a small mag at the from or just holders but it looks like their just disc holders.

Longuoai also shows us the Zombiestrike Target Set box.

The Jolt is possibly the most frequently recoloured/reshelled Nerf blaster there is. And now it comes in green. We first saw the Target Set at the SDCC.

Now we have a box to go along with it. In the box there are 3 Art Deco darts, a Jolt, some targets and possibly a dart holder because there is one in the pic from SDCC. There might be a type of sight in that dart holder as well if the graphic of the blaster on the box is accurate.

Super Soaker has lost some momentum with Nefers since the line started to shy away from triggers. But, anyway, here is a pic of the new Super Soaker Freezefire from Baidu (user: Longtuoai... again).

The blaster is already listed on the Target USA website and will sell for USD9.99 once released.

Psyk somehow got his hands on a Mega Magnus (lucky bastard) and posted a review of it on YouTube recently.

Now, I said that this blaster would be another reverse type plunger blaster. Well, I'm happy to report that I was WRONG! IT'S DIRECT!!!

Psyk is being secretive about how he got it, but he did let slip the fact that he has opened it already and confirmed the direct plunger internals by responding to a YouTube commenter's query.

He also mentioned that the darts are made of a firmer foam than the darts that came with the Centurion.

Has Hasbro listened to the NIC and corrected some of it's Mega faults?

~ Rob


More photos from Baidu.



  2. haha, I had to ask the burning question, since no one else did.

  3. I have a Ripshot, (Yes, I'm Aidan Gerry on FB) and I'm turning it into a Halo Magnum, AND it'll be on sale on Etsy this Friday for $34.99


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