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Monday, 9 December 2013

2014 Aussie release dates and a face lift for Elite!

Thanks to Hasbro Australia, I have a list of Aussie release dates for some foam flinging firearms.

Hasbro Australia's PR has kindly provided a list of Australian release dates for some blasters we've only seen in Taobao, Baidu and USA websites.

The Aussie (grey trigger) Magnus will be in stores in Feburary but no word on price.

We should see the white Roughcut in Target (AU) and Kmart (AU) shelves in January, no official price but I'd expect it to be the same as a regular Roughie.

Zombiestrike Crossfire Bow will be on Big W and Target (AU) shelves late February/early March. No official price, but if I had to guess I'd say AU$35-$45.

As for the Zombiestrike Sidestrike there is nothing solid yet, but at the moment it looks like it'll be around May. Nothing official on price, I'd estimate about AU$20.

And as for the orange Stryfe, once again, nothing rock solid, but it won't be debut in the big brown country before March.

Now, the interesting bit. It would appear as though Elite will be getting a refresh next year (o.0) and the orange Stryfe is the first in a whole line of recloured blasters, the white Roughie could very well be a part of the revamp as well (but nothing to confirm it). All Hasbro Aust has told me is that there will be a "refresh" next year. Whether this means all Elite blasters will be orange or there will be different colours for each blaster remains to be seen. I'm meh about the orange Stryfe, I think white with orange stripes like the new Roughie would've looked better though.

I'm totally ok with the facelift though. I wasn't a fan of the blue and yellow like the first gen N-Strike blasters but the yellow and orange was good. While I do like the blue of the Elite line it's been around for a few years now and it's time for a change me thinks.

What are your thoughts? What colours would you like to see Elite blasters in?

~ Rob


  1. I'm a big fan of continuity and "matching", so a refresh really just kills all the collecting I've been doing recently. Getting accessories and options to swap onto other blasters gets my aesthetic sweet tooth going.

    Before the N-Strike Elite lineup hit us, I was so torn that many of my favorite accessories for Nerf didn't look good on other blasters. The Longstrike barrel and Raider stock were the only two blue accessories, but there weren't any other blue blasters to match them with. Even though a Longstrike barrel on a Recon looked awesome, it didn't match at all. So now, whatever cool accessories and blaster designs come out, none of what we've spent time collecting will look good on 'em without a full repaint.

    1. What I'm about to say has not been confirmed (or denied), but, Hasbro are looking at selling accessories individually, maybe we'll see recolours in those?

  2. God dammit why can't they just stick to something for a while!


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