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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"Adjustable sight" for Heartbreaker Bow, Sucker Darts on Target USA & Amazon websites.

Some may not know this but each version of the Heartbreaker bow has a name, but now there is a new version and it... doesn't.

More after break.

Lets get started with the ones we know.



Golden Edge (Toys R Us exclusive)

The newer version is purple and features white bow arms and is called (according the the website) "blaster".

According to the description this version comes with an adjustable sight? To me it looks like the same moulding as the other versions, but, the difference might be on the inside.

It sells for the same price as other Heartbreaker bows on the website. I'm unsure if anyone has blogged about this blaster yet, but it's new to me (the purple version that is). It might be a Hasbro online store exclusive, maybe. I say that because I've not seen it appearing on retailer's websites.

And those Elite Sucker Darts that started on TRU Japan website and then went to are now on Target USA's website...


That is a lot sooner than expected and we should see them on shelves soon. How do you feel about the Elite Sucker darts?

~ Rob


  1. i saw a few of these on the shelves of a farm and fleet wisconsin. and when i looked inside, i really saw no difference, but then again, i only glanced.

  2. It does clearly say adjustable sight as one of the features so I am more inclined to believe it but nothing in the pictures proves so. I compared what it said with the normal one and this one doesn't say anything about the dart holder that the normal one comes with yet has it in the pictures? I compared the pictures to see whether the new one was just photoshop of the old one but it is not so I have no clue.

  3. I spoke to the Nerf Rebelle brand manager who confirmed it was a mix up (so which blaster IS rocking an adj. Sight?) and they are correcting the listing info.

  4. Kids love this. boys and girls like the style and design of every bow and I believe there are more to come out. Can't wait to see them!


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