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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Elite Vulcan, Strikeblade, Fusefire box and farewell to Big Pete

A lot can happen in six hours. I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 6am and had 20+ emails telling me about these...

Firstly. We've seen the Taobao pics of the Fusefire but thanks to Dustin Knisley, we now have the box art for it!

Noted on the box is the fact that the blaster fires glow discs, but there is no mention of Fire-Fly Tech anywhere. Batteries not included (no surprise there) and the grimace on the cartoon zombie hunter makes him look like he's trying to squeeze out a sneaky fart.

Keep an eye on that trigger though, it might change colour when/if it comes down here.

Then Bay Area Nerf sent me this picture (it was up on the Nerf sub-Reddit first I think though)...

We were told that there are no plans to give the Vulcan or Stampede the Elite treatment but the Elite Havoc Vulcan is now a thing on

Selling for £54.99 the Elite Havok Vulcan's product description goes:

Complete your N-Strike arsenal and prepare for the ultimate battery powered blasting! Massive and thrilling fully automatic blaster holds up to 25 darts and can fire up to 3 darts per second. Includes ammo box, removable tripod, 25 dart belt, 25 whistler darts and instructions.

For outdoor use only.
Size H35.6, W76.5, D14.3cm.
Weight 3.7kg.
For ages 8 years and over.
Batteries required: 6 x D (not included).
EAN: 5010994775124.
It says whistler darts but we see Elites in the pic so it looks like the description was copy-pasted. Will we see an Elite Stampede? Unlikely since we have the Rapidstrike. I should point out as well, a few places get the names wrong for blasters when posting them online. I've seen Firestrikes called Nite Finders and Longstrikes called Lonshots. To the uninitiated it might be an understandable mistake, but, if the name of the blaster is printed on the box and on the blaster itself. I don't understand how you can derp it up.

Then puts this up...

Previously it was just called the "Blade" but the now it's the Strikeblade. Selling for US$14.99 and available now according to the website and the description goes:

You'll be the ultimate anti-zombie warrior with the Strikeblade toy. Zombies are attracted to noise, so you need a way to strike silently when you're on a mission. Raise your blade and get ready to tag every zombie who's unlucky enough to cross your path with the Strikeblade toy. Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

- Strikeblade toy lets you strike silently against the zombies
- Check out the free Nerf Zombie app
- Carry the blade on your back
- Includes Strikeblade toy

It's just a recolouring of the Vantage Sword with a shorter blade really.

Credit goes to Nerf sub-Reddit user Smeagolsaur for that one.

Lastly. I'd like to bid farewell to Big Pete from Hasbro Australia's PR. His support over the last few months has been greatly appreciated and I wish him all the best in his new roll. I have no doubt he'll do just as well there as he did for the Nerf brand.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome the Angelic Andie, who'll be taking over from Big Bete. I look forward to doing business with her as soon as she's found her groove in the roll.

That's it for now, I think this post is long enough.


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