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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Rebelle Super Soaker found on Taobao (not a typo)

Well, of all the things I predicted for Rebelle, I can honestly say that this was not on the list... at all!

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Pics of a Super Soaker bow sporting the Rebelle name have popped up on Taobao for the equivalent of AU$28.90.

The Dolphina Bow (seriously, who comes up with these names?) will be Rebelle's first water gun/bow, but will it be the last? It holds 740ml and looks as though the it is fired via an actuall pull back ands release action. This would mean that the blaster contains a cylinder that is filled when drawing the primer back and a spring is where the blaster gets its power.

There is no mention of a range on the packaging anywhere but it does feature "bow-blasting soakage". I like the Rebelle Phoenix Wing pattern so far, but I'm undecided as to whether I like the styling of the Dolphina Bow (the more times I say it, the funnier the name sounds).

Hasbro's cash-in on the Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen continues with this one and the more I look at it (during the course of me typing this post) the more it looks like a Heartbreaker Bow with some tropical fish replacing the bow arms.

We've already seen Super Soaker get the Zombiestrike treatment...

which beckons the question, what next for Super Soaker? Super Soaker Mega? Actually that would be kinda cool if they could make it work.

I've already asked two of my female co-workers what they think of this and the responses are as follows:

Gamer Chick: "No. Even if I was into Super Soaker and Nerf, I wouldn't buy this. The name is just too ridiculous."

Girly Girl: "I wouldn't buy this."

So it looks as though like Zombistrike, Rebelle is now a Super Soaker thing too, I wouldn't be surprised now if Rebelle started to include Vortex blasters.

~ Rob

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