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Saturday, 7 December 2013

REVIEW: X-Shot Excel Vigilante

Admittedly, I have wanted a Vigilante since I discovered it was a thing. The old black and green scheme really did it for me too. Now X-Shot have lifted their game with the Excel series in blue and yellow.

I've not had any experience with the first run of X-Shot blasters, but according the Zuru Toys website, the Excel Series offer improved performance and accuracy.

The older darts had a flat rubber head on them or suction caps but the new darts are more streamlined and I have to say, very very accurate! And the claim of 17m range (55ft) might actually be an understatement.

The blaster itself is made of a quality plastic and feels rigid. It is comfy to hold and easy to prime. To load, there is a button on the back of the blaster that needs to be depressed to unlock the barrels. Fold the barrels down and insert two darts into the two chambers. As you're opening the barrels, you're going to hear a number of clicking noises, this is the clockwork for the sequential firing mechanism resetting. And there is storage for four darts in the butt.

A really nice addition is the three plastic cans the blaster comes with in the form of six halves that clip together.

But X-Shot Excel's biggest win is the Excel Darts. They are by far more accurate than any stock dart I've used. They have a hard foam head with a hard rubber spacer between the head and the body of the dart. The darts are made of the same density foam as Nerf Elites but are 10mm shorter. If the Excel darts were the same length as Elites, I would replace all of my ammo with them, not a lie.

The blaster is comfy to hold and the fore grip is a good distance from the rear grip. Opening the blaster and pumping the fore grip is easy. The cover for the dart storage in the butt could use a clip to hold it closed, the cover on mine would come open when the blaster was angled.

Despite the long barrel, the blaster still attains it's claimed range. It's biggest set back is the rate of fire. After the second dart is fired, you'll find yourself running for cover so you can reload. The only way this blaster can fire Nerf Elites is if the barrels are open.

The Excel Vigilante is a comfy well made blaster. The dart storage in the butt is nice but Nerf Elite darts are easier to come by than X-Shot Excel darts and this blaster won'y hold Elites in the butt, nor will it fire them with the barrels closed. To be fair though, I have to grade the blaster based on the darts it came with. The Vigilante is available from:
- Deals Direct for Australia
- Toys R Us (under the Air Zone brand) for USA

1. comfy
2. good range
3. good darts
4. comes with plastic cans
5. doesn't feel cheap

1. poor rate of fire
2. dart storage door won't stay closed
3. trigger feels a bit flimsy
4. looked better in black and green

~ Rob

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