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Friday, 6 December 2013

White Roughcut on Toys R Us Canadian Website

Another case of "seen it before but at least, it's official now". The White Roughcut is selling at TRU Canada for CA$29.99, more after jump.

Credit to Aidan Gerry for this tip off.

So it's a Roughie. Seen it before. Pics of this were leaked on Baidu a while ago now. As with the Zombiestrike Target Set, we now have official promo photos like this one...

and this one...

Some observations (many have observed before):
1. not a rebirth of the Whiteout Series
2. Not the rumoured Zombie Roughcut that Random Shadow 09 found the DPCI for
3. open box
4. most likely a recolour to try an boost sale for Christmas

The description is the same for the blue Roughie but here it is anyway:

Slam into battle with the double-barreled domination of the ROUGH CUT 2X4 blaster! This sleek blaster lets you launch 2 Elite Darts at once at targets up to 75 feet away, and the pump-action design lets you pump repeatedly to unleash a steady double stream of darts!

I'm a bit disappointed that there are no white darts included with this blaster. Wouldn't have been hard to do, take an Elite glow dart and put an orange head on it... DONE!

There is also an extra stripe on the white one to make it go faster. It is "in stock" and available now. No mention of whether it's a TRU exclusive in Canada or not. I've been told that it will be a Target exclusive here in Australia (probably USA too though the two Targets are not affiliated with each other). FYI, Walmart in Canada sells Roughies for about CA$5 less but no white ones on the website yet.

Does the new colour make you want to buy the new Roughcut 2x4?

~ Rob

1 comment:

  1. Found it in store and should be buying it in a couple weeks when I come back


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