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Friday, 6 December 2013

Zombiestrike Target Set for sale on

Another Jolt goes on sale... yay.

More after jump. is now selling the Zombistrike Target Set for US$11.99.

We've seen the box before but I don't think we've seen the official promo photo yet,

Same said for the contents of the set,

Product description is as follows:

Practice your zombie-blasting skills with this hardcore Zombie Strike Target Set! Set up your 3 zombie targets and take aim with the compact, stealth-sized Jolt blaster. You've got 1 dart for each target, so take careful aim and develop your precision-strike skills! Those lurching, staggering zombies won't stand a chance when you hit the streets! Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

- Zombie Strike Target Set has what you need to practice your zombie-blasting skills
- Clip-on sight lets you zero in on the zombies
- Set up the included 3 targets and practice taking them down
- Includes stealth-sized Jolt blaster for target practice
- Includes 3 Zombie Strike darts

It's available now if you need another Jolt to go in the pile (ever increasing pile). I was a fan of the Jolt when it first came out but now I'm starting to get sick of it. The are too many reshells and recolours in my opinion and it needs to be scaled back a bit/a lot.

~ Rob


  1. White Rough Cut is actually in Canada in TRU, no sign of Magnus though :/

    1. Thanks for the tip, but someone beat you to it via Facebook. Nice find though.

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