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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Zombiestrike Fusefire pics on Taobao

What's strange is that this blaster wasn't leaked on Baidu first.

Discovered just now, are pics of the yet to be released Fusefire blaster. The only Zombistrike blaster to have glow in the dark ammo.

Thanks to the seller we get a lot of pics. Now, it might be the lighting... but this looks more orange than the brown we were shown originally.

Three AAA batteries fit into the handle and the on/off switch looks to be in a bad spot if you're a righty. If you're a lefty, looks like using the middle finger would be best to toggle the switch.

Storage for five discs in the front and a looks down the barrel.

And a look from the right side.

Now we're looking into the business end of the blaster. According to the patent for this blaster, five discs are loaded into the internal horizontal mag, when the primer is pulled out a disc drops into a hole in the primer and when you push the primer back in, she's ready to go.

Measurements for those who care. But remember, it's not the size that counts, it's how you use it.

I know it's rude, but here's a look up it's skirt.

And here it is all lit up! I think this is the first "glow" Nerf blaster that doesn't sport the Firefly Tech logo on it anywhere. Also, this has an orange trigger. The Revonix was the first Vortex blaster to get the grey trigger treatment, will this get the same treatment? Or was it only because the Revonix was the farthest firing Vortex blaster that it got grey trigger syndrome?

These pics don't tell us anything we didn't already know, but it's nice to see the blaster from more than one angle... this one.

If Vortex is your thing then you might be excited about this blaster. Vortex is frowned upon by most Nerfers but I quite like it for the home-derping factor but wouldn't use it outside. I think the clear green tac rail is nice, but, wouldn't it attract zombies? Just sayin'. Dunno how long it'll be before we see this in stores, all we know is 2014, just like the Crossfire and Sidestrike were supposed to be. I can see this blaster looking all kinds of awesome with a paint job!

~ Rob

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  1. the text on the side that says "vortex"on the original release image is gone on the actual blaster, and it is replaced by a series of "vent slits" in the side!!


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