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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Crossfire and Magnus on Mr Toys Toyworld website

This will make some Aussies excited. The Mega Magnus (grey trigger and chamber) and the Zombiestrike Crossfire (grey trigger and primer) have been listed on the Mr Toys Toyworld website.


OK, we'll begin with the Crossfire Bow.

Selling for the same RRP as the Roughcut, but having half the dart capacity but double the looks. Mr Toys Toyworld often charges the RRP, while Toys R Us will charge more. My advice is to wait for K-Mart and Big-W to stock them, I predict $5 to $10 cheaper.

Then we have the Mega Magnus.

This is already on sale in K-mart for $25 but Mr Toys Toyworld like to charge the RRP while K-Mart and Big-W are nice to us. This info isn't going to help those that already have an Aussie spec Mangus or Crossfire but to those who don't, it means you should be seeing them soon.

~ Rob

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